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Thursday, May 19, 2016

2016 Ongoing MOTY List: Rush v. Casas

20. Negro Casas v. Rush Elite 5/4

PAS: So much fun to watch these guys back and mixing it up again. They had one of my favorite feuds in years back in 2014, but haven't really matched up since. This had some of the same dynamics as those matches, Rush as the cocky muscle bound bully and Casas as the tough wily veteran. Casas takes a thumping here, the final corner dropkick was totally brutal looking, but is so great at sneaking in shots and playing the role of the game, but outclassed old guy. Rush is still magnetic, and I loved him posing and being a dick, tossing a drink in Casas' face, cussing out Shocker, just a marvelous asshole.

ER: This is a fun "greatest hits" WorldWide match, only 6 minutes, but you get all your favorite spots and a hot crowd and the energy these two bring opposite each other. Rush is really a force of nature in these matches, his posing and posturing, spitting water, it's really larger than life. He's like if HHH wasn't so insecure. Rush will drill Casas and then take an exaggerated back bump just because, just constantly taunting the crowd with his body. Casas always works stiffer with Rush, and this was the first time these two have caved in faces in a singles match since their hair match almost 2 years prior. They've matched up in trios since then, but not like this. The dropkicks to the face are just a sick spot, and these two always just go in hard.


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