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Saturday, April 09, 2016

And I Can't Leave the Ground/Can't Find a Place to Put Cassandro Down

Cassandro & Discovery vs. Skayde & X-Fly, 3/26/16 - FUN

This was a tough one to pin down. Because the whole match has guys that are just hard to pin down. X-Fly is the biggest sticking point as he is simultaneously a lazy slug, and a guy who does little things that a lot of luchadors don't do. He's a super tub now and on fancam he looks like 10 years post retirement Chigusa Nagayo. And when he wants to tub around the room, he really tubs around the room. Sometimes he takes forever to do stuff. He'll just go wandering off during a match, literally just slowly walking around the building. He'll grab a table, start to walk back, get tired, have somebody else walk with the table. Some sequences he would do so sluggishly, go so absently through the motions, that he would look like a guy who wanted to sorta kinda get a feel for the ring and do a practice walk through his match before fans filed into the building. Except the fans were in the building. And then X-Fly would turn around and start a spirited strike exchange, lacing into Cassandro and doing weird little things, like when he smacked him downward across the bridge of his nose, as Moe would do to Curly. And he had moments of getting out right in the middle of the crowd, taking pratfall bumps into them, making in jokes with random fans, really most of the time X-Fly feels like a guy working a Memphis studio match. And then he still manages to hit a tubby swanton and you're like "maybe X-Fly is actually the best..." but then he wanders off to find a table for 4 minutes and you snap back to reality. Skayde was also somewhat lazier than I've seen him. He has a more pronounced belly now, but don't we all. Usually things with Skayde are more fluid, and while things he did still looked good, there were so many moments of standing around, or just walking into position for something. Lazy. Too lazy.

Discovery was a pleasant...ahem...discovery in this one, as he tried gamely to go along with everything and make it work. His two head first rolling bumps into rows of chairs were highlights, but he also tried mixing it up gamely with Skayde and X-Fly, doing some nice armdrag sequences with Skayde in particular. Our man of the hour looked as great as he ever does. Cassandro looks to be in as good a shape as he was in when we saw the most of him, in 2007-2008. He's lean and mean and brings a passion and intensity that the match was otherwise lacking. Him flying recklessly into X-Fly into the corner to unload punches, hitting his gorgeous dive with a flip at the end (which Sasha Banks accidentally stole @ Wrestlemania, only difference is Cassandro does this on purpose), doing a Finlay roll on Skayde onto a table, selling a shock X-Fly smooch; the match needed his person and the fans treated him like a superstar. He and Skayde work some nice armdrags down the stretch, and his missile dropkick still lands with more impact than anybody's. It would have been nice to see X-Fly and Skayde actually show up for a whole match, but I can't ever complain about new Cassandro footage popping up.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Discovery has been in Chicago for about a decade, and works the Chicago to Nashville US indy lucha circuit. I really wish we had more complete stuff from him as last year he worked a singles with Blue Panther, a series opposite Dr Cerebro and a series opposite Invasor Psicosis where everything available in clips looks great. Live I thought he looked sharper than Skayde (definitely the crisper brawler/crazier bumper). He's a guy who feels like if more people saw would be talked up as an elite level US indy guy.

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