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Wednesday, March 02, 2016

MLJ: Black Terry Boot Camp 12: El Hijo del Diablo & Gringo Loco vs Black Terry & Dr. Cerebro [super libre]

2010-01-24 @ Arena Naucalpan
El Hijo del Diablo & Gringo Loco vs Black Terry & Dr. Cerebro

Black Terry & Dr. Cerebro vs Hijo del Diablo... by thecubsfan

Two more Black Terry matches and then I have to move back to Sombra. I'd like to set up a base page that's not necessarily a Complete and Accurate, but at least a journey through his career for people who just need to see every new WWE talent. Part of that is actually making it through more of his career. Black Terry's been a blast though. I'm glad I got cajoled into this. I'm sure I'll be just as glad when I go through a lot of Fujiwara or Dick Togo or whatever, too. If I'm here long enough, I'm sure I will.

Speaking of being here, I've been at this for almost two years. I have a pretty good sense of what I like and what I don't like with lucha, and also what I love. I really like the CMLL main event trios match style when they can actually make it feel like a big deal. I like Maestros matches with lots of matwork and escalation. I like Tag Team Title matches. What I like the most though is a good lucha brawl with clear heat segments, and this was great for that. It was a super libre match, earlier in the Gringos Locos feud. Early on, I'm pretty certain the announcers were telling kids not to do this at home and later on, one started to shout DRACULA! to express the action at the time. That sums the match up pretty well. When you realize that it was neither a spotfest or what I'd consider to be an outright garbage match, that really gets over the violence.

The blood was flowing from about a minute in. This was just an outright brawl. They did it in two falls with a comeback and cutoff in the primera and another comeback later on. What's key, I think, is how this showed yet another side of Terry. We've seen him take sympathetic beatings but here it was him getting battered around the arena, and when it came time for the comeback, not only did he get his revenge in, returning every chair shot and slam into the Corona coolers, but made sure to pause and let it all sink in, pointing out to an erupting crowd even as he was a bloody mess.

Things got even crazier in the segunda when Gringos VIP pulled out the Nopal cacti. They had used them in the Chico Che trios but that had been played more for laughs. It's a testament for all these guys that they were able to use the same prop with a slightly different context and it came off like a horror show here, rubbing them into Terry's open wounds. And of course, when Cerebro and Terry managed their comeback (starting with a Benoit/Malenkto style assisted power bomb) Terry made sure to use the cacti in a revenge spot. I don't think there's any other style of wrestling in the world that cares more about closing the circle and symbolically returning ills than lucha. It often provides underlying touchpoints of order and meaning to even the craziest matches. Harm is returned in full exactitude with twice the intensity and twice the reaction. It's a beautiful thing, and here it was a beautiful, terrible thing.

Check this one out if you haven't before. I won't spoil anything else on it. It's worth dealing with Dailymotion to watch. And hey, here's some bonus bloody aftereffects:

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