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Saturday, March 05, 2016

Lucha Worth Watching 1/22/16 & 2/2/16

Blue Panther vs. Reapper (CMLL 1/22/16)

I couldn't imagine putting this on our MOTY list, but I also couldn't ever imagine not wanting to watch a Blue Panther singles match that gets 9 minutes. Opponent doesn't matter to me in that instance. You tell me "9 minute BP singles match" and I'm already following the link. Panther is old and has some things he hits in every match, but he's also not afraid to take risks during matches like this. Some stuff works, some doesn't, and it's always neat to see his process. Here he and Reapper do an odd extended martinete reversal segment that was more struggling than smooth, felt like guys weirdly fighting to be in odd positions, ending with Reapper in sort of a backpack, and every step of the way I was wondering where they were headed. Loved Panther's fast dive at the end, loved them playing around with little leglocks, love his beautiful middle rope rana, and love Panther's flash Fujiwara to end things. Your life would roll on just fine without matches like this, but I always love just seeing Panther be Panther.

Virus, Cancerbero & Raziel vs. Triton, Oro Jr. & Pegasso (CMLL 2/2/16)

I love when matches take an unexpected turn, no matter how slight. You're watching a match, in your comfort zone, and suddenly the tone shifts or moods change, and it kind of snaps you forward in your chair a little. Here I was watching match 3 of a 6 match Tuesday CMLL show, 80% watching Triton and Raziel go through some lucha single leg exchanges that wouldn't look much out of place if they were just roll practicing in the gym. And then all of a sudden Triton stands up and just hands-free headbutts Raziel. And then Raziel returns the favor. And then they start throwing nasty chops and elbows to each other's chest, and then I am suddenly 100% invested in match 3 of a 6 match Tuesday CMLL show. And then we just get a delightful little classic rudo vs. tecnico battle with some flippy guys vs. the black clad rudos. And Virus is a good guy to lead a couple of black clad rudo bullies. They're like Team Iceland in Mighty Ducks 2, except Virus' has more engaging hockey fight offense. Marvel as he lariats the piss out of Pegasso a couple of times. Watch Cancerbero work like a chubby lost Dinamita. See Oro Jr. have maybe his most fun and consistent performance ever, as he flawlessly breaks out a couple of gorgeous armdrags (him doing a full 360 around Cancerbero's arm before tossing him off in a different direction looked killer). Glimpse Triton getting held in the ropes by the goons as Virus lunges off the opposite rope and dropkicks him square in the taint, sending him sprawling hard onto the entrance. Look on in amazement as Pegasso sets up a dogshit Scoot Andrews tribute "Hey Virus please balance yourself across the middle rope but like hang your torso into the ring a bit so I can jump on you" legdrop and just as you roll your eyes Triton then actually makes the spot work by HOLDING VIRUS BY THE LEGS so he was actually trapped in the ropes as Pegasso did his 2001 ECWA Tuesday Night Tribute. This whole thing was fun as hell, and more maddening proof that you must watch EVERY lucha trios match, because you never know which ones are going to give you that magic. Stupid lucha.

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