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Saturday, July 17, 2010

SAW Workrate Report 6/16

So I got a new HD cable box, and I apparently now have a channel which shows weekly SAW wrestling from Nashville (Along with some fed running out Canada with Billy Gunn, U-Gene and Arik Cannon, probably won't keep Tivoing that one). SAW is a fed I have dug in the past with some guys I like, so I figure I will throw up a workrate report

What Worked

Chase Stevens has the belt and they do a nice job setting up next weeks match with Kid Kash with a pull apart brawl. His competitive squash wasn't much, but I got jazzed about next week.

Maniac Marc Anthony seems to be working an out of control violent brawler gimmick, so he should really have better punches. I did like him going nuts post match and throwing bar stools and bar tables into the ring, chucking a bar stool at the face of the bouncer. It really felt like a drunk redneck fucking up a bar.

Teen Excitement Drew Haskins had a pretty amusing vignette, cutting a promo on Justin Beiber and being pissed about being carded at the bar where the show is held.

Derrick King v. Wolfie D was as good as you would expect a six minute match between those two guys would be. Not a ton of fancy moves, but really great punches and bumping. King takes an especially great high backdrop, the finish is full on great horseshit with a run in by a black midget and Sister Ophelia before Derrick King waffles Wolfie with a boot. This is exactly what I want this show to be.

What Didn't Work

Both John Michael Worthington and Ryan Genesis are indy tall and indy roided, but neither of them are particularly good. Genesis kind of looks like the Cheetah Master and has a nice spinebuster. Not much in the match did a ton for me outside of the spinebuster. We get a run in by a mystery guy in purple dress shirt and vest, who does hit a nice spear.


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