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Friday, July 16, 2010

RIP POPITEKIS-Los Brazos v. El Dandy/Super Astro/Popitekus 5/5/91

With the death of excellent fat boy luchadore Popitekus (luchawiki profile) I figured I would throw up a review of my favorite Popitekus match. Go download it from Sendspace and check it out

Los Brazos v. El Dandy/Super Astro/Popitekus 5/5/91

This is worked technico v. technico and is a pretty sweet version of that classic lucha formula. We get a first fall of indvidual matchups, all of them were solid, with the highlight being the Super Porky v. Popitekus battle of the Rhino's. They smash into each other and it looks like a compact car crash. 1991 may have been the point where Porky's fatness intersected with his agility perfectly, and you could tell he was inspired to match up with fellow elephantine highflyer Popitekus The second fall mixes up the match ups and ends with one of the greatest dive trains in wrestling history, Super Astro leads it off with his crazy somersault senton, then we get topes from El Brazo, Dandy, and Brazo De Oro, each one knocking the receiver into the seats, then Popitekus unloads a tope which looked like Superman threw a couch at a group of robbers. Then to finish it off, Porky hits a plancha which felt like Superman added the refrigerator. The third fall was fun although anything would have a hard time following up that train. Porky's silla to win the match was a sight to see though, can you imagine the smell?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you for this review! I especially love your description of Popitekus' tope! Vandal D (always a Super Popi fan!)

12:06 AM  

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