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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Oh Villain, Villain, Smiling Damned Yoshiaki Fujiwara

Yoshiaki Fujiawara v. Mark Rush PWFG 10/17/91-GREAT

Rush is a amateur guy with a comedic mustache who I always enjoy, but isn’t usually in very good matches. This wasn’t a Fujiwara classic, but was a lot of good clean Fujiwara style fun. Most of the first ten minutes or so was straight wrestling, with Greco locks and amateur rolling. Rush does that kind of thing very well, and Fujiwara added some touches, including reversing a ride by fishooking the ear, and faking a headbutt. Later in the match after Rush hurts Fujiwara’s ribs with a suplex, Fujiwara gets nasty, laying in some headbutts, and knees to the gut for a down.

Rush really works like a typical UFC one dimensional wrestler, kind of like Rashad Evans, he has solid takedowns, but know real idea what to do on the ground. Meanwhile Fujiwara is always looking for something to hook and grab. The improvisation is one of the things I love about watching Fujiwara, he tries for a gutwrench which he kind of blows, as Rush ends up on top. Then Fujiwara just snatches the ankle from below and starts twisting.. I really enjoy watching Fujwara work all of these limited guys, he really gets a chance to play around, and the matches always put a smile on my face.

Yoshiaki Fujiwara v. Yoshiaki Yatsu NJ 8/5/94-GREAT

Just an old fashioned slugfest between two nasty dudes. Fujiwara is at his dickish cheapshotting best. Landing a sneaky headbutt after a knuckle lock, kidney shots in the corner, and slaps to the chops. Meanwhile Yatsu lands some big throws, and some of the nastier stomps I have seen in a while. There is an awesome nearfall, as Yatsu hits a couple of super brutal bulldogs, but as he goes for a third, Fujiwara slips out and locks in the Fujiwara armbar. I also really liked how after getting caught with a suplex for the pin, Fujiwara went right back to throwing blows. He didn't really give a shit he lost, he just wanted to take a chunk out of Yatsu's ass.

Yoshiaki Fujiwara v. TAKA Michinoku PWFG 8/26/95-GREAT

TKG: This is worked more pro style than shoot style. Very little rope running but TAKA with a dropkick to the back of a seated Fujiwara, Fujiwara with his pro-style headbutts, and the TAKA throws Fujiwara headfirst into ring post comedy spots. No reason that these two should work this well together as you kind of expect a clash of styles. Instead the two just work really nicely with TAKA as jerkish junior vs. Fujiwara. Fujiwara twists the shit out of TAKA's legs and ankles and TAKA does nice job trying to fight his way out. Fujiwara eats alot of stuff and sells just enough to make TAKA look legit. I'm not really sure how Fujiwara works punching TAKA directly in the cheekbone. TAKA does seem to be missing a tooth at end of match, not sure if he started match with it or not. Fuck I dug this.

PAS: Yeah Fujiwara was punishing TAKA here, bodyshots, both the shoot and the pro-style headbutts, and some sick shots to the face. TAKA was really great as the underdog who almost heelishly disrespects Fujiwara. The matwork was really speed vs. guile, as all of TAKA's attacks were lightning quick, while Fujiwara was classically taking advantage of mistakes. TAKA is really great in PWFG, he doesn't work the style really but he was so good in the mid 90's that he can work a TAKA match that fits on the show.




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