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Thursday, January 21, 2010

IWRG 12/6/09

Bushi/Suicida/Zatura v Fantasma De La Opera/Oficial 911/Oficial AK-47

TKG: This was fun match as for the most part everyone mixed it up. First fall has Segura and AK-47 doing the opening mat work, later fall has Segura starting opposite Fantasma in a stand up section. All three heels looked good, Fantasma did a lot of nasty open hand face slapping and had a vicious looking baseball slide to Segura’s face. Segura looked awesome in what was essentially a secondary role. Zatura looked to be off as he kept on landing stuff on his knees, but just kept going and his awkwardness made him feel somehow more bruising. Bushi continues to be inexplicable worker. The match was essentially built as a Bushi showcase, Fantasma is the guy who feuded with him to turn him face, 911 took his mask, the heels are DQed for failing to release Bushi from a submission, Bushi gets to take out two of them with consecutive dives and gets the final pin on 911 but he made the least impression of anyone in the match.

PAS: I thought this was great, Tom is right about Bushi being the least impressive of the guys in the match, but that is no slur as everyone else was awesome. I though Zatura was spectacular, he is a pretty thick guy who can hit some impressive flying offense and it really lands with a thud. At one point he gets armdragged which he turns into a one handed cartwheel, switches directions into a somersault which he flows right into a rana, I rewound it three times, it felt like watching an especially confounding Monta Ellis layup, you think "bodies don't work like that." He also hits an awesome looking asai into the third row of chairs. I need to see more Zatura. One of the better Oficales performances too as they bump and stooge and do their stuff. They had a weak beginning of the year, but are really closing 2009 strong.

Angelico/Alebrije/Brazo De Plata v Pirata Morgan/Hijo Del Cien Caraas/Veneno

TKG: Angelico didn't really do anything to fuck this up and for the most part felt like his sections weren't out of place with the flow of the rest of the match. First fall was largely face comedy, second fall was rudos going "fuck this comedy shit lets tear folks up", and third was pissed faces coming back. On some level the ass biting chain (one guy bites the other guys ass, who then is bit by thrid guy, etc) I thought slowed stuff down in the third. But the midget blocking ass bite by turning around and stabbing his dick into Pirata's one good eye is a good payoff.

PAS: I liked this a bunch, Porky is really moving at slow motion at this point, but he is still super charismatic. Veneno can sort of work with Angelico, and he didn't ruin this match. Alebrije midget comedy spots were pretty amusing to me, I don't watch AAA so they were pretty fresh. Most of this was shtick, but there were a couple of moments where Pirata unleashed the menace, and he can be pretty intimidating, even in stuff like this.



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