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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

IWRG 11/15/09

Flor Metlaica v. La Diabolica

TKG: LA Diabolica comes into this wearing a Renaissance Festival velvet top. Her and Flor Metalica look like chicks who would fight in a tavern over mead and a turkey leg. Unfortunately they were trying to work a title match instead. Maybe a straight brawl would have worked but this was a dull mess. I liked the spot where La Diabolica followed up a bronco buster by repeatedly bootscraping Metalica with the unshaven part of Diabolica's inner thigh. Both an innovative spot and nice stringing together of moves. The finish airplane spin was also impressive looking.

PAS: Yeah this wasn't much, Diabolica hit a really nice tope con hilo which missed Metalica and took out here second instead. Flor is a big girl and it was an impressive feat of strength when Diabolica power bombed her, she also had a real crash and burn feel when she took normal bumps. Outside of that though it wasn't much.

El Hijo Del Pirata/Fuerza Guerrera/Pirata Morgan v. Angelico/Olimpico/Bobby Lee Jr.

TKG: They do a skit to set this up where Pirata Morgan and Hijo del Pirata are working the bootleg CD table at a swap meet and Hijo Del PIrata scams Angelico into buying a reggaeton mix CD under the pretense that it is a Best Of Rock CD. I always assumed the Piratas were involved in boat piracy not music piracy. Angelico can do some passable mat work at this point but he is too pissed at being gringo priced and hustled to work the mat. Unfortunately he really can't do anything else.

PAS: Yeah Angelico is basically the worlds worst Avisman. He has had some decent llave exchanges with Negro Navarro and his kids, but man alive is he terrible when he has to stand. Just the gooniest looking backyarder shit you have ever seen. His rolling elbow was an special lowlight. Pirata and Fuerza went through some by the number rudo stuff which was fine, and I liked a couple of Olimpico arm drags but this was a rough episode.



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