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Monday, January 11, 2010

IWRG 11/1/09

This was the real start of the glorious deluge of IWRG we have gotten in the last couple of months

Mickie Segura/Dr. Cerebro v. Trauma II/Oficial Fiero

TKG: This is a parejas increibles match where the loosing team has to face each other in a hair match. They do some early teasing of dissension between Trauma II and Official Fierro (technico isn't pleased with heel heelishness stuff) but both teams manage to hold it together. The first fall matwork was really nice as to be expected. I had forgotten how good Segura is on the mat and Dr. Cerebro is really great at making opponents mat work look good. I especially liked his sell and escape for the camel clutch. Second fall is more brawling intensive and Trauma II has improved a ton with his brawling. He used to be a guy with really fast accurate hands, but it never felt like he had a lot of strength behind his punches. You can't win pro-wrestling matches on Olympic boxing scoring. He has learned to make his punches look like they land with more force.

PAS: Mickie Segura was a real star of 2002-2004 IWRG but he has been really making only sporadic appearances in the last half a dozen years. It is good to have him back as he looked like a total superstar here. He hit a missile tope which flew Fiero backwards into the crowd, and moved around the ring with impressive speed and agility. The finish was really spectacular, Cerebro is choking Fiero on the ropes and Segura comes to apron dropkick him, but accidentally cracked Cerebro too. It looked super violent like an accidental collision between teammates on an NFL kickoff return.

Castillo Del Terror

TKG: Mascara Ano Dos Mill Jr points out that this match ends with two "undercarders": "como novatos son perdedores". And that really felt like the big flaw of this match. Over the last couple years the Castillo has ended with heavyweights brawling to a finish. Even if it's a heavyweight who you know isn't going to loose his mask (Rayo) there is some added drama that real stuff is on the line. The 2009 Castillo Del Terror really felt like a match with al heavyweights and two juniors. Toxico, Olimpico, Mascara Ano Dos Mill Jr, Bobby Lee Jr. Xibalba, Trauma I, Tinieblas Jr. Fantasma de La Opera and Yack and 911. Yack especially felt like he was working as jobber in a match desperate for a cheap escape and having nothing but hope spots against guys tossing him around. Perhaps a Tinieblas v Yack finish might have meant something with Yack fighting against odds (and Tinieblas looking like he really knew how to work this type of match). A Yack v Mascara Ano Dos Mill Jr finish might have worked well too. Mascara Ano Dos Mill Jr. as wrecking ball destroying final two guys with final two working as underdogs against the odds was interesting. But in the end you are left with 911(who can only win with help of his team) v Yack booked as battle of undercard losers.

PAS: There were a couple of individually nice moments in this match, Trauma I had nice headbutts, and Jack took some nice bumps, but this isn't a type of match I particularly like and there wasn't any individually great performances to mitigate the mediocrity.



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