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Monday, June 15, 2020

Monday WarGames: NWA Wildside Final Countdown

Al Getz Enterprises (Scottie Wren/Shaun Tempers/Ace Rockwell) vs. NWA Elite (Murder-1/Michael Adryan/Jeremy V) vs. Iceberg/Tank/New Jack NWA Wildside 4/30/05 - EPIC

PAS: This is everything you want from a Cornelia War Games, lots of big guys brawling and bleeding, a disgusting finish and some big bumpers. The three way format is on paper kind of dumb, but didn't really affect the match much. Guys came in every 90 seconds and beat on each other, and it played like a normal War Games. Tempers and Rockwell at this point were a fancy boy tag team named Pomp and Circumstance, but showed the grime that would come out later. Both guys bled huge (Tempers looked like Carrie at the prom) and Rockwell took some monster bumps into the cage, including getting powerbombed into two sides. Iceberg and Tank are mainstays in these matches, two scary looking monsters who want to eat your face. Iceberg absolutely splatters Tempers with a top rope flip senton. New Jack is a perfect surprise partner for a match like this. This was Wildside's last show and he had been a big part of the beginning of the fed. A long mid 2000s New Jack match isn't what you want, but to have him come in at the end, brawl a bit in crowd and stab some people is a perfect use of him. They tend to do War Games finishes in Cornelia and sticking a sickle in someones mouth is a great War Games finish.

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