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Wednesday, May 15, 2019

THE FATTEST FEUDS: Gran Markus Jr. vs. Los Brazos!!!

Gran Markus Jr./Pierroth Jr./Ulises vs. Los Brazos CMLL 2/4/90

ER: This was so good and immediately told me that I had made the right choice in chasing down chubby dudes to watch. This was much more like a fun 80s house show tag in a southern territory, starting with the rudo team stalling themselves away from Los Brazos, including some fun sneak attacks that backfire (love Ulises missing a running hip attack on the floor and hip attacking the ring apron, don't think I've seen that before). But before long it's a great fight, and Markus starts throwing these short hard punches to Brazo's temple, it looked like he was attempting to slice him open, and within seconds sure enough El Brazo's head, torso, and arms are covered in blood. The Markus/Porky moments are all fire, and there's a long stretch where Porky is just taking kicks and punches and Markus' slashing shots to the head that made me absolutely die for a Brazos ring clearing. Porky hits an absolutely phenomenal butt splash off the top, crazy height and distance, Markus ran in and Porky flies in with a butt first Thesz press and sticks the landing, so incredible. Ulises (much more commonly known before and now as Tony Salazar) has sorta flimsy offense that works for a cheapshotting rudo, but he takes big dramatic bumps which nicely highlight some Brazo punches. We get some chaos as this spills all over, with great shots of Pierroth laying down a beating up in the seats, we get more fun Porky/Markus tradeoffs including some gorgeous fat guy armdrags, the whole thing felt like it made as much sense in 80s Mid-South Coliseum than 1990 Arena Coliseo. The finish was abrupt, a shot to the balls that gives the win to Los Brazos, but you KNOW this is setting up the title shot rematch...

Gran Markus Jr./Pierroth Jr./Ulises vs. Los Brazos CMLL 2/16/90

ER: This is the title match rematch, and it's all action, go go go, no excessive rudo cheating or DQs like in their prior match; this is everybody in the match showing off with speed, quick tags, and super fun sequences. Porky is obviously a standout, he was such a freak athlete and honestly I'd be happy just watching him do his gorgeous rolling handsprings. But he gets to show off his speed and excellent shtick, doing quick leapfrog spots, missing a colossal senton that lands him halfway across the ring, works a fun comedy spot where he shows of his amateur skills by getting into referee's position before casually reaching up an arm to armdrag Ulises, hits a suicide dive onto everyone that must have felt like getting hit with a barrel from Donkey Kong, does his big butt splash off the top, hits an awesome low angle hip pivot belly to belly suplex on Markus, just totally kills it. All the Brazos came in with speed, working several cool fast armdrag spots with Pierroth and Ulises, and I especially thought Ulises had some cool ones, and Pierroth took a really great fast backwards bump to the floor at one point. Markus was much more of a stooge here (no signs of that bare knuckle brawler from their previous match), but he is a really great stooge opposite Porky; his shaky knee sell off Porky shoulderblocks alone would probably get me to recommend the match. The dive train is really fast and exciting, all Brazos really ramped up the speed and flew out of the ring as fast as possible (Porky's was going to be impossible to top, but Oro and Brazo's dives looked fantastic). Total speed match, nothing but fun.

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