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Sunday, May 12, 2019

Chase Burnett BACK!!

Dylan and I were talking about turn of the decade bump freak Chase Burnett on twitter, and I checked youtube and apparently he was back in wrestling! Then hours later he shows up on Beyond's show. I figured I would check out some recent Burnett and see what he has been up to!

Chase Burnett vs. Flip Kendrick BCWA 9/22/18

PAS: Burnett is balding and bearded now and looks like the bassest in a math rock band. He is still completely nuts, as the half decade or so away from wrestling has allowed him to heal his assuredly broken body. He takes his crazy Fuerza bump right on the gym floor, and lands on his head in a couple of gross ways. He has these really bony elbows which make his elbow shots look nastier then you would expect from a little guy. Kendrick is a really fun early 2010s junior who never seemed to get the profile you would expect. He still has some really crazy aerial moves, including a inverted 450 and no hands flip dive to the floor. Everything didn't hit clean, as you might expect from such a high difficulty match, but there was some really cool stuff and neither guy has seemed to lose much of their explosiveness.

Team Beyond(Chase Burnett/Zane Silver) vs. Aeorform (Flip Kendrick/Louis Lyndon) BCWA 10/27/18

PAS: This was matchup which got run a fair amount in the early part of the decade, they had a great match in Beyond and even worked opposite each other on one of the early EVOLVE shows. This had a bunch of the fun spots that their earlier matches had, although the pace was a little slower. Silver was always a bit of a weak link in these matches (in this match his gear didn't seem to fit great), but I enjoyed his Minoru Tanaka style exchanges with Lyndon. The match had some sick stuff, including Silver brainbustering Lyndon on Burnett's knees, and Lyndon's sliced bread into a dragon sleeper. Good to see all of these guys doing their thing, we got a Red vs. Low-Ki match last year too, now we need someone to book Homicide vs. Teddy Hart to truly bring back the 00s.

Chase Burnett vs. Weaponized Alex Weir BCWA 4/20/19

PAS: Weir looks like Jamie Dundees cousin who got a strip mall black belt, which is a pretty great gimmick. His kicks were a bit hit and miss, but the hits really hit, including a wheel kick which looked like it parted Burnett's beard. This had a bunch of the fun Chase stuff you want, including a flip bump off the ring apron right on his spine, and some his nasty bony elbows. He also has some really creative rope feints. I didn't like the finish, with Weir hitting a low blow and then the authority figure reversing the decision. Probably kept this match from being list, but I dug both guys, and would be into a rematch.

Chase Burnett/Zane Silver/Jefferson Saint vs. Eric Corvis/Johnny Cockstrong/Nicholas Kaye Beyond Wrestling 5/8/19

PAS: It is pretty crazy that Beyond has been long around enough to have a their equivalent of Baba All Japan legends six man tags. Not sure how many of these guys are still active, but they pretty much all looked solid to good. Cockstrong is basically the Cage to Joey Ryan's Eminem, Ryan stole his stuff and made it mainstream. The air raid crash on the top turnbuckle he hits here is nastier then anything Ryan has done. I thought our boy Chase looked the best here, his sunset bomb into a moonsault double knees to Corvis's head was the highlight spot of the spotfest. Now that he is back Beyond should definitely bring him in more.

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