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Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Having Becky Withdrawal? Here's an Awesome Match from Earlier This Year

Sonya Deville vs. Becky Lynch WWE Smackdown 6/26/18

ER: I was a longtime Becky skeptic, always thought she got an inordinate amount of praise compared to her output. She was likable, but overrated. But ever since the heel turn that turned her into a star, she's been must see. She is taking that ball and running with it, and I think this injury will somehow make her even stronger. But if you're going through withdrawal already and upset she won't be working Survivor Series, let's revisit an awesome Tuesday night surprise from a few months ago! I thought Sonya Deville was going to be a big deal after this match, more than Becky. That prediction isn't looking as hot at the moment. This, though, was a great showcase for Deville, and a match that really felt like two people who don't get a lot of solo match TV time really getting a showcase. This is worked fast and snug, not clumsy, had a couple plausible nearfalls, and some struggle and extra mile bumps and stiffness. I wouldn't have guessed I'd get a cool battle over a knucklelock or some nice standing switches, ground work you don't see in WWE women's matches. This whole thing never slowed down, as only a monster would consider Deville holding a body lock while working crossfaces to be "slowing down". Deville is nasty with kicks and a few great knee strikes, one a straight knee lift after a couple great body shots, and more use of the knee when she gives Lynch a Cattle Branding variation to the chest! They worked all the back and forth real nicely, both getting their licks in but never feeling like move trading, with some nice attention to little things (Deville cutting low on a missed running elbow was a nice touch). They tried a couple things they don't normally get to do, had a couple of convincing roll-ups (especially thought Deville's roll-up out of the arm bar was it) and nice majistrals, they ended up turning a match with no stipulations into something that felt like more was at stake. That's a great goal for a match, and this hit that goal. You can now go back to thinking about how Becky looked like a blood soaked 80s babyface this week and look forward to that. Sonya can still get there.

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