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Monday, January 08, 2018

2017 Ongoing MOTY List: Iron Kid v. Demus

7. Iron Kid v. Demus 3:16 Lucha Memes 6/18

PAS: Just a hellfire of a short violent sprint, and for pure fun as good as anything I have watched this year. Match has one of the best opening spots I can remember seeing, as Iron Kid goes for a dive, Demus catches him and just recklessly throws him into a support beam. Zero consideration for the health and wellbeing of his fellow man. Demus then breaks out a fork and rips IK's mask and starts poking. We get some really great violent hurls by Demus, and some crazy dives by Iron Kid who gets just incredible height, like maybe higher then prime Freelance, he is floating in the air and the crash awesomely on the dirt floor. Classic tale of plucky technico being mauled by some sort of psychotic troll.

ER: Wow wow wow wow! Is this the greatest WCW syndicated match in history? Maybe! What an absolute 7 minute banger. The match STARTS with Iron Kid trying to hit a tope on Demus while Demus is walking to the ring, but Demus in all one motion catches Kid mid-dive and just bucket brigades him into the crowd, with Kid's body hitting a woman, a support pole and a couple of chairs, all at once. If the match had been as paint by numbers as possible after that start, we still would have found room for it at the bottom of the list somewhere. But the match never slows down from there. Demus beats him through the crowd and bashes him with a chair, gets out a fork and stabs at him with the best fork shots you've seen. Iron Kid eats tons of spinach and lentils and broccoli and Iron jokes though, so you know he's gonna make a big comeback, and wouldn't you know Demus wraps him around a ringpost and Kid hits some gorgeous dives. He hits a Aerostar-esque flip dive where he vaults off the middle rope inside the ring with one foot and just soars into Demus, crashing onto Demus' back and shoulders. Both men get dusty and dirty in this Lucha Memes lot that I NEED to see pro wrestling at (the same site as the infamous Terry/Wotan gravel brawl and a zillion more matches of grimy lucha perfection). Kid smacks him into a chair and plows through him with a tope con hilo and you know this thing is the best. This is peak Demus, and Iron Kid has a savage death wish, and the finish is excellent: Kid moonsaults painfully into Demus' legs and it's rough, like that physics defying moment in the Aja Kong/Meiko match from a year or two ago. Kid just gets stuck on those legs and Demus follows up with the most dangerous double underhook piledriver/powerbomb, the kind you would feel bad doing to your Wrestling Buddy as a kid. Afterwards Demus gets jumped and eats a nasty chairshot and bleeds all over everything. This match, this venue, these guys, all of it. ALL OF IT!


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Blogger Trent M said...

You guys nailed it with this one. I like grimy, disgusting "psychotic trolls" as wrestlers and grungy wrestling arenas, so this really fired on all cylinders for me.

I'll definitely be seeking out more Demus and/or Lucha Meme matches right away. Thanks for the recommendation!

6:32 AM  

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