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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

2017 Ongoing MOTY List: Reigns v. Jordan

37. Roman Reigns v. Jason Jordan WWE Raw 9/11

ER: Essentially a repeat of Jordan's match with Cena the week before, no less fun, better executed in some ways, lesser due to similarities. I thought Reigns was really great at looking beatable here. When Jordan had him in the crossface it looked like it could legit end the match. But I liked how cocky Roman started this, laughing about how long it took Cena to beat Jordan last week. Roman even looked like he had scouted Jordan's wrestling, not letting himself get muscled around the way Cena did the prior week. But that just made it a bigger moment when Jordan finally hit that first overhead belly to belly. When Jordan took over it was really exciting: That dropkick was insanely high and Reigns took it right to the jaw, I'm always going to flip for a singlet straps pulldown, the rolling northern lights is a crazy spot, and that running spear in the corner looks nasty for Roman, and looks like an all expenses paid neck fusion surgery for Jordan in 3 years. Jordan's big comeback was hot and Roman was tremendous at making him look like he had a chance. Jordan nailed that corner spear so forcefully that you knew it had to set up an even bigger miss, and him missing through the buckles and falling to the apron was a clever way to set up for the drive by. I liked how the Cena match ended more out of nowhere, but it was amusing watching Roman notice the moment that the fans realized he was going to be winning.

PAS: I really enjoyed this. Roman is great as a cocky alpha dog, he reminded me a bit of how Lebron James acts around younger basketball stars "nice try kid, but you are a long way from the King." I really liked how he avoided the initial takedown and sneered at Jordan. I never really thought that Roman Reigns had much in common with Tenryu, but this reminded me of how Tenryu would work lower ranked guys, punk them a bit, but then sell huge for all of the near falls. I bought that Anjo might beat Tenryu, I bought that Jordan might beat Reigns. Loved how all of Jordan's early offense came in counters of Reigns signature stuff. Reigns goes for the corner forearms, Jordan hits him with a belly to belly, Reigns tries the superman punch, Jordan turns it into a crossface. I also love how suddenly this ended. Jordan makes one big mistake, Reigns unloads the kitchen sink and pins him, This didn't need a big PWG 2.9 count ending to make Jordan look good.


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