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Wednesday, July 05, 2017

Low-Ki Shoulda Been Called Don Robbery

Low-Ki/Elix Skipper/Christopher Daniels/Vince Russo v. The Road Warriors/Dusty Rhodes/Jeff Jarrett NWA-TNA 1/15/03 -GREAT

PAS: This is a WAR 8 man if I have ever seen one, and it ending up being a pretty entertaining southern tag. Ki, Skipper and Daniels spent the first part of the match pinballing for the Road Warriors, and they do a great job of it. Animal catches a Ki springboard mid air and plants him with a Liger Bomb which was totally awesome looking. You can tell Ki got a kick out of bumping around for the LOD. SEX gets the advantage due to some Russo cheap shots (which he is terrible at, his punches and chokes are awful, what a nothing turd that dude is) and they work over Jarrett, getting the crowd hyped up (Nashville TNA crowds smoked the Orlando crowd) for a Dusty Rhodes hot tag, all three XXX dudes take wild bumps for the bionic elbow. Just before Dusty gets his hands on Russo, Mr. Wrestling 4 comes in and hits Dusty with a chain, distracted ref counts the pin and the bad guys are victorious. Mr. Wrestling 4 unmasks as Nikita Koloff, which is something I have no memory. Heel Russo managed early 2000s Nikita seems like something you would dream after eating too much spicy thai food.  Pretty great example of the value of wrestling formula, get a hot crowd, build to a hot tag and have a couple of good wrestlers on each side and you can pretty much fill in the rest.

Complete and Accurate Low-Ki

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