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Saturday, July 01, 2017

Some of Anarchy Wrestling: Captain O' Captain 6/10/17

PAS: I am eager to get caught up so I can watch and enjoy the big Hostile Environment show, so I thought I would cherry pick the best matches from this show (thanks again to the mysterious backwoods cult leader for letting me know what I should look for)

Billy Buck v. Nightmare Kyle Matthews

PAS: I loved this, I have been talking a lot about how Matthews is working as an 80s babyface, here he meets his 80s heel and they have an awesome 6:05 style match. This is basically Ricky Steamboat v. Arn Anderson. Buck cribs a bunch from Arn, he hits the fake punch into a DDT, great hooking left hand punch and a sweet spinebuster, he also had some other cool moves of his own, I loved the superkick to the ankle into a figure four. Matthews is just great, he gets a little fancier here because it was a big match and throws a tope, but hell Tim Horner had a tope too so I forgive it. Lots of great near falls and a killer finish, exactly what I was hoping this match would deliver.

Gladiator Jeremiah v. Gunner Miller

PAS: This was also very good stuff. This was a Captain's match for the WarGames match, with the winner's team getting the advantage. Jeremiah (aka Slim J) is one of the most underrated great wrestlers of this century. Outside of a brief ROH run, he has worked pretty exclusively in the South and is always well worth watching. He seems to be a bit more ground based with the Jeremiah gimmick, but he has great bumping and a ton of intensity. He takes over early on Miller really pounding on him, until Miller is able to grab a big boot and hyperextend Jeremiah's knee. Then Miller really rips at the knee and the match is built around Jeremiah fighting back with a bad wheel. Finish run was really great with Jeremiah's bumping making Miller's football tackle and diving headbutt spear look brutal. This was the first time these two had wrestled each other in a singles and their chemistry was great, I hope Anarchy runs this match back, and I am suitably pumped for War Games.

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