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Thursday, June 08, 2017

Dick Togo is More U2 he is Bono with The Edge, In Mexico, Fuck Donald and his Pledge

Dick Togo vs. Solar Dragonmania 5/27/17 - FUN

ER: Not really the match I wanted. It was mostly worked as a Solar squash and exhibition, which is not how I'd prefer a Dick match to go. Solar is in his 60s, and while I love the guy and still seek out his thing, I don't really have a desire to watch him run the boards for 9 straight minutes against a guy as good as Togo. This is the Solar show for its duration, and it's a show that gets slower and more tired as the match goes on. The opening 3 minutes is awesome, both rolling on the mat, really benefitting from the close up camerawork, Solar was good about loudly grunting and expressing pain when Togo would reverse something, and doing neat little reactions like tossing Togo's leg into place while Dick is going for a kneebar. From there it's mostly Solar, and at some point Togo seems to know and accept that it's all Solar, and starts hamming things up in ways he doesn't really typically do  (waving his arms comically while going over on a seesaw flip, standing there making almost Milton Berle googly eyes waiting to take a move, etc.). Solar does some impressive tilt a whirl slams, pausing at the top to show he's not just using Togo's momentum, but he keeps doing these as the match goes on and they get a little more labored each time. That would have been a cool subtle build had it resulted in Togo eventually reversing one but that never happened. Solar's hold application took a little longer as the match went on as well, and this kind of limped over the finish line. But, I still think someone like Solar has a higher floor than other guys, and even at its most base it's something I like to watch. Really a shame Togo wasn't allowed to do much more than a nice back elbow though.

PAS: Yeah this was all Solar, however I get the sense that Togo is just on a wrestling world tour where he just does stuff he thinks is cool. He probably was pretty jazzed to work Solar in a Solar match in Arena Mexico. He looks like he belongs, and makes Solar look a decade younger. I think this was a little less mat based because it was on a Ultimo Dragon show, and it probably would have been better if it was pure maestro style. Still a nifty little curiosity.

Dick Togo/Douki v. Dr. Cerebro/Hanaoka Coleseo Coacalaco 6/4/17 - FUN

PAS: Dick Togo's Mexican vacation continues (was he just sightseeing between these shows? Where is the other late May early June lucha Dick?). This is a nifty 8 minute tag with some truly great Cerebro v. Togo exchanges. The other two guys in the match were Japanese guys on excursion and didn't do a ton for me, Hanoka has a nice punch. Togo and Cerebro though were beasts, every time they tagged in they ramped up the speed and force of everything going on. Just a pair of professionals doing what they do best.


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Blogger Discotortoise said...

Who knows when Sabre-Togo II will be available on video but any interest in a Sabre-Togo I (wXw, 2011) writeup? I still think that it's in the top five or so for the former in terms of singles matches.

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