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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Wajima Wednesday (Not a Thing)

Abdullah the Butcher vs. Hiroshi Wajima (AJPW 1/2/88)

Finally available online! The match that I begged and pleaded to be added to the AJPW 80s set, then when I realized it wasn't going to get the necessary votes I begged and pleased for it to be added to the AJPW 80s Extras. But it was done to no avail. This match did not bring the same level of joy to others as it did to me, and that's okay. It's about 7 minutes long, and it's mostly a squash, and it ends somewhat unsatisfactorily. So plenty of people will be left pretty flat when it's all over. But I love it. I love sumo guys getting into pro wrestling, but not all of them are going to work out well. Wajima is definitely one of the weaker sumo transplants. And 1988 was the tail end of his short couple years in pro wrestling. And Abby was having none of it. He does not treat Wajima as much of a threat in the least, which is kind of what makes the finishing run so much fun. This never feels unprofessional, but I'm curious just what was going on, as Abby pretty much goofs off all while dominating Wajima. Abby throws stiff throat thrusts ("throws throat thrusts" was alliteration I wasn't attempting) and blocks any attempt at Wajima offense. Wajima is playing along and bumping around nicely for Abby strikes, and really putting over all the chops and throat shots. Abby shuts him right down whenever he tries something, either shoving him off, kicking him in the stomach, or just doing wild eyed karate mannerisms. And it all builds up to Wajima finally getting into his sumo comfort zone. They get in close and you can see it happening, see Wajima adjusting his arms, see him hitching up Abby's very very large pants, and finally he gets a great throw, and then another one! And it's an awesome moment! And then Abby puts his curled boot down and beats him down, then squashes him with his perfect elbow drop. In another great moment, Wajima gets his boot on the ropes. And so Abby drops another brutal elbow. Still the boot finds rope. So Abby flies off into the opposite ropes for another squishing, and Joe Higuchi gets in the way to stop some of the punishment, so Abby just shoulderblocks Higuchi into the weekend. Match gets thrown out, elbow drops continue, then Baba and Jumbo come out in teal track suits and TNT comes out and Abby drops threats on the mic while throwing chairs at photographers.

And now you can finally see the match that THEY DIDN'T WANT YOU TO SEE. You know, because they know you value your time, most likely.

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