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Thursday, December 08, 2016

Dick Togo's Stencil is Inspired by Kenzo

Dick Togo v. Luke Phoenix 4FW 10/22/16 - GREAT

This is Togo's first singles match since his return (not under a hood) and it is in a Liverpool gymnasium against a pasty british junior heavyweight. Phoenix was fine, his offense didn't look very good (he hit a superfly splash that looked like a 7th grader belly flopping into a pool), but his early matwork looked OK and he took a pretty big beating by Togo. Dick has become a true master at working matches around problamatic opponents, and he was great here, he smacks Phoenix around, slamming him on the floor, toasting him with a senton, and filleting his chest with chops. His dive off the ring apron onto Luke's chest was great, loved the finsh too, with Togo rolling around the ring and cinching in a crossface. Fun stuff, and I am glad Togo is back touring the world, looking forward to seeing him show up in weirder places.


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