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Monday, December 05, 2016

2016 Ongoing MOTY List: Killer Cult v. Rottweilers

27. Sami Callihan/Jake Crist/Dave Crist v. Homicide/Eddie Kingston/Low-Ki AAW 11/4

PAS: This was the climax of a long feud between Callihan and Kingston, with Kingston bringing in Homicide and Callihan bringing in the Crists (including pulling Jake out of retirement), This was a six-man with Outlaw Inc. bringing in a surprise partner, and it had to be one of the best actual deliveries of a surprise in wrestling history. Ki comes out in a black suit, looking like video game Hitman and starts fucking dudes up. They have a really fun area tour brawl, throwing each other into the sides of walls, leaping off bars, chucking chairs. Callihan smashes Ki's knee inbetween chairs, and when the match goes into the ring, we have Kingston and Homicide battling the Killer Cult with Ki blitzing in on a bad knee to break up pins. There is a near fall and out of nowhere there is this crazy fuck in a suit leaping in with a double stomp. Ki sitings are so sporadic these days, that every time he shows up it is a treat.

ER: Yeah buddy this was good, and Phil is dead on in proclaiming this one of the greatest surprise deliveries in wrestling. I would have blown my buttons live. And I would have ran around the building following Ki's fight wherever it went. Both times I got to see Necro Butcher live you can see me on tape following wherever he goes, standing as close as possible and squealing with glee whenever he would do Necro Butcher stuff. At last year's WWN WM Supershow I ran all around the building watching Drew Galloway and Gargano hit each other from a few feet away, way harder than my chest or face could take, and later when I watched the show on tape there I was cringing and yelling and jumping around filled with joy. So there is no doubt in my mind that I would have been following Ki everywhere and losing it for every strike. Ki comes out in a suit like a Puerto Rican Jason Statham, and this whole match was a total 5 star Low-Ki performance, but I liked the whole crew here. Dave Crist draws the short straw and gets matched with Ki and does an awesome job getting kicked around the room, peaking when he gets planted head first into a chair and just sticking there vertically. Ki does all these great running dropkicks and both Crists are game to bump like they're getting blown back by an explosion. Also I'm pretty sure neither Crist is retired. Those guys show up in results seemingly more than anybody. Anyway Ki hits a crazy footstomp off the bar, and meanwhile we have Eddie Kingston tossing dudes into support beams and into the crowd. Killer Cult finally mounts some kind of comeback when the sturdy non-folding chairs come into play, smashing Ki's leg and Kingston's arm in mean ways. The Low-Ki nearfall save is a wonderful moment to cap a total blast of a match.

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