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Wednesday, October 05, 2016

2014 Ongoing Match of the Year List

85.  Chris Hero v. Colin Delaney 2CW 5/16/14

ER: I really love matches where one guy is clearly over their head. They don't hit as hard, they're smaller, they aren't even always quicker, literally everything about them makes them an underdog. I guess their only possible advantage is the element of surprise, or their better opponent not taking them seriously. But even when that happens it's usually not enough. Underdog matches are usually just squash matches, but can be something special when done right (see the wonderful Liger vs. Yohei Komatsu match from 2015), and I thought this was special. Right away it's pretty clear that Delaney is going to get his clock cleaned, so it becomes a matter of watching to see how he'll survive, how long he'll survive, and how much he'll frustrate Hero in the process. And Delaney really takes a beating here. Hero must have tired out his fists and elbows on Delaney's face by the end, but Delaney kept valiantly/foolishly coming back for more, rarely a step ahead, almost always charging directly into one or three awesome punches. Even when he gets going on a little tear you just have a feeling the next move is going to just get side stepped and then Hero's boot is gonna find his face. I loved all the moments where Delaney thought he had the jump on Hero and Hero would just pop him in the mouth, drop him to the mat. At one point Hero follows Delaney up the turnbuckles and Delaney scrambles up to a pipe hanging above the ring, then scrambles onto some support beams to get away, like he was Harrison Ford getting chased by Rutger Hauer. Eventually he jumps off right into Hero's boot, something maybe everybody but Delaney could have expected. Delaney starts getting under Hero's skin with some roll ups, and the beatings increase, and the shots to the back of the head increase, until you know that a 3 count was a guarantee even a few elbows prior. Another day, another Hero classic.

PAS: I am not sure if I liked this as much as Eric, although it was very fun. Delaney had some fun underdog offense, but you kind of want your Spike Dudley's to take bigger bumps. Delaney is a little physically stiff, doesn't die the same kind of underdog death that your little guys can die,  but this really made we want to see Hero v. Lance Lude or Cheeseburger. I did love Delaney climbing up in the rafters, and the entire knuckle lock section was very cool with Delany showing great neck strength. Hero was great as usual, although he does have a tendency to throw maybe one or two more elbows then necessary, I would have ended this two minutes earlier. Hero is a heck of a touring bruiser, he laid in a great beating, made the local kid look great and then put him down.


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