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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Dick Togo's Money Count is the Only Moment of Silence

Dick Togo/Yasu Urano v. Kazusada Higuchi/Kouki Iwasaki DDT 7/17/16 -FUN

We get a about half of this 2nd Togo return match, and it was fun to watch Togo tool some schmoes. Higuchi is kind of a Japanese Lance Hoyt, sort of big, but kind of clumsy. Togo breaks out this amazing combo as he rolls through, hits a casita and immediately slaps on the crossface. He also levels Higuchi with a nasty clothesline. We get a big senton to finish the match, I wasn't impressed with the other three guys so I am not devestated we missed most of this, but it was a fun opportunity to see the level that Togo is still at. This is Jordan after baseball, not Jordan on the Wizards.


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