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Sunday, April 10, 2016

2015 Ongoing Match of the Year List

Jeff Cobb v. Timothy Thatcher FSW 12/12

PAS: I have been waiting to see a really long singles match between these two for a while, and this was a solid one. Loved the early grappling with Thatcher trying to grab a limb, and Cobb looking to throw him. They got a little nasty although never breaking the rules, Cobb sets Thatcher up for a brutal ground and pound elbow, Thatcher throws some lifters. Liked the finish run a bunch too, with Thatcher scrambling for a Fujiwara while getting chucked around the ring by Cobb. Very good stuff and I am glad this showed up.

ER: I'm with Phil as this was the Bay Area dream match of the last year or two, and while they matched up it was never for a long satisfying singles match. And it finally happened inside a mausoleum in the middle of some town in California that Californians have never heard about before (yet is still under 3 hours away from me. California is weird.). This match was exactly what I wanted from these two. I loved all the control and strength segments. Cobb tries to hammer his weight on Thatcher as Thatcher uses his own freak strength to bridge up on his neck. Sheesh the neck bridges in this. That's a weird thing to get excited about, but when they keep getting out of pins and popping up to transition out of subs by bridging with no hands, you can't help but notice. I like the running story of Thatcher trying to catch the Fujiwara, sometimes suckering him in and getting him to throw strikes so he can catch one, other times that suckering ending with him getting pounded. Thatcher's positioning on his armbars was great and I loved him shifting weight and posting up with legs to counter Cobb trying to roll through. Both guys' strength is just too much fun to watch, with Thatcher snatching him up for a gutwrench, which is a bad move as that leads to Cobb showing off a gorgeous deadlift german and a mean gutwrench of his own. I loved the finish as Thatcher almost mocks Cobb for not finishing him off, and Cobb quietly snaps and starts laying into Thatcher with brutal standing elbows before plastering him with the tour of the islands. Love these guys.


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You guys ever see their match from 2013?

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