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Friday, March 14, 2014

Lucha Azteca Workrate Report 3/8/14

All of these matches are from the 2/21 Arena Mexico show.

1. Ultimo Guerrero, Barbaro Cavernario & Mr. Niebla vs. Valiente, Soberano Jr. & Volador Jr.

Primera is all rudo beatdown, with Niebla wandering around slapping people, peaking with Soberano getting clotheslined on the apron and getting dumped right on his head. Ouch. Soberano is becoming quite the bump freak. Tecnico comeback in the segunda is rushed, with Volador and Soberano suddenly hitting nice springboard ranas and big flip dives. Niebla catches both really nicely and then takes a big bump getting thrown into the crowd. Soberano has a crazy high dropkick, too. I'm starting to dig this guy. Although his rope running still trips me out, and I can't figure out why. It's like he's throwing in an extra turn or something. It looks like something your brain can't figure out the first time you watch World of Sport. Finishing run for this is real hot, with Soberano breaking out a nice inverted headscissors and his cool 360 crossbody, Valiente hitting his wild (formerly) fat guy tope, and Niebla tossing Soberano into a nasty missile dropkick from Cavernario.

2. Lightning Match: Diamante Azul vs. El Terrible

Well this was not very good. Azul hits a nice dive , but his rampway flip dive works way better in trios than it does in singles matches. It was beyond comical how poorly Terrible got into position to take the flip dive. While Diamante is getting ready by jogging down the rampway, Terrible picks himself up like "Well, time to go catch the dive" (I'm picturing him saying it in a "Time to make the donuts" voice). Just stands up, walks the length of the ring, and then waits in position. Just awful. To top it off the match ends in one of those lame "both men's shoulders down" double pinfalls that nobody likes ever.

3. Negro Casas, Shocker & Felino vs. Rush, Maximo & Marco Corleone

This was pretty disappointing for a match with Rush and Casas and opposite sides. All three falls were way too quick and the tercera ended with a DQ. Wah wah. We get some comedy with Felino licking armpits and begging off Corleone punches. Maximo hits a big dive, Corleone hits a kind of disappointing crossbody off the rampway (with his size it should be way more impactful). Rush and Casas start going at it in the tercera but for far too brief, with Rush kicking the hell out of Casas and trying to snap his arm over the turnbuckles. But all this is too brief to amount to much.

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