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Sunday, March 09, 2014

Sunday Night Digging In the Crates

We take a trip to Juarez as another in our sub theme of 80's Villano 3 mask matches which showed up too late for the 80's Lucha set.

Flama Roja v. Villano 3 3/17/87

Roja was a veteran rudo who according to OJ at Great Lucha had the awesome nicknames "The Lord and Master of Scandal" and "The Scourge of the Technicians" no fair for one guys to have two great nicknames like that. Good first fall with some nice mat wrestling by both guys, until V3 hurts his knee with a pescada and gets tapped. FYI There is a weird clip after the first fall to the middle of the third skip to 20:00 for the end of the segunda. We get a classic gorefest third fall with Flama cutting open V3's bandaged arm with a chair shot, and wasting him with an awesome tope. By the end V3 and Roja are on their knees covered in blood exchanging nasty head butts. I am bummed this didn't make the DVDVR set, but I am happy we keep getting Villano 3 mask matches showing up. May I suggest the lucha gods send us his Nacaulpan hair match with Perro Aguyao?

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