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Sunday, October 06, 2013

My Favorite Wrestling! WCW WorldWide 2/20/99

1. Steve Armstrong vs. Erik Watts

This is a rare treat as you get to hear Steve Armstrong's "singles match" theme music, which is apparently different than his Armstrong Bros. theme music. It's a guitar instrumental, that kinda sounds like a softer ballad Steve Vai may have recorded during his stint with David Lee Roth.  I assume this will be worked as a throwback to the Watts/Bullet Bob feud in Georgia, only with Jnco Jeans. Armstrong is wearing his awesome Southern Boys trunks with the crossed-barrelled pistols. Watts always has that goofy Edge trait where he's 6'5" but works matches like he's an undersize cruiserweight  making comebacks, peppering in arm drags and sunset flips and roll-ups. But then he powerbombs Armstrong into the turnbuckles and makes me shut my fucking mouth. Armstrong looks great here with  big punches and a killer front suplex. Match format was wonky with Watts gassing and wanting to go home early. This was apparently Watts return to WCW.

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2. Super Calo vs. Disco Inferno

This had so much potential as Calo blindsides Disco with a dropkick to start, hits a crossbody to roll Disco to the floor and then hits a super fast tope. 1 minute in and Disco is bumping all over the ring for Calo offense. Back in and it continues with Calo running up the ropes and hitting a sweet dropkick and following up with a spinning heel kick. But then Disco takes over, hits his nice diving elbow off the middle rope, and finishes with the stunner. Wah wah. It goes about 2:15 and really could have been special with just a couple more minutes. Instead it was fun while it lasted and, oddly, one of the best Calo "moves" showcases in his whole WCW career.

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