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Tuesday, January 05, 2016

2015 Ongoing Match of the Year List

11. Hechicero vs. Rush CaraLucha 5/30

ER: This is the Hechicero we got a lot of in 2014, and haven't seen as often in 2015. He breaks out all of his tricks and damn does this guy have some awesome tricks. He was so damn on point during this and while I love Rush's Arena Mexico antics, it was super satisfying to see him just going move for move and strike for strike and bump for bump with a guy. They brawl to the floor and smash into chairs, Rey takes a mean sternum-first bump into a post, do a nice tour of the ringside seats with both guys taking hard falls into chairs. Hechicero does a cool Fuerza bump dropkick and follows it up with a huge tope, then does an awesome Mysterio belly slide splash. Crowd is flipping out for Hechicero the whole match and it's pretty easy to see why. His roll up combos, his sick springboard dropkick, the big bumps, his slick grapevine submission, the guy unleashed is one of the most fun workers ever. Rush has mean strikes, nasty dropkicks, more than holds his own in holds and exchanges, and I love big stars still working big in smaller buildings. Still not sure how Rush's finisher is legal, but it definitely looks like a finisher. Awesome match, and the only reported time that these two have crossed paths in singles action. I wrote up a trios match from November where they were on opposite sides, but that still isn't online anywhere (to my knowledge). There really aren't any Dream Matches these days, but this was a modern one for me. Thank you cell phones.

PAS: This was super intense, Rush is in full crazy brawler mode, and this is worked at an intense frantic pace. Really felt like watching a Perro Aguyao Sr. match from the 80's with crazier spots. Hechicero felt every bit as big a star as Rush who is one of the biggest stars in wrestling. Really an example about how wasted Hechicero is as an mid-card trios match guy. I love Arkangel De La Muerte, I don't think Arkangel could have this match. Rush could have easily floated by in this match on shtick and charisma, instead he is going after it like he is fighting for his hair in an Arena Mexico Anniversary match. Such great stuff, and I am so glad we got to check it out.


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