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Thursday, January 15, 2015

2015 Ongoing Match of the Year List

1. Drew Galloway v. Roderick Strong EVOLVE 1/9

PAS: Really fun brawl which saw both guys rumble all around the bar the show was held at, including taking some nasty bumps into the side of the bar and even into metal benches in the street. Galloway looked the best I have seen him in his indy run, and it has been years since I enjoyed Strong this much. He was playing kind of pussy heel, and was basically just unloading chops and taking bumps. Both guys had bruises all over their bodies, and I liked how the ref finally through the match out when they started chair fighting in the ring.

ER: Fun brawl and reminded me of my favorite ROH Jimmy Jacobs matches. I've always like Strong more than Phil, but also haven't gone out of my way to watch a Strong match in a few years so that should tell you something. I like Strong here as a begging whiny heel, and I like Galloway chucking him around and welting up Strong's chest. The strikes all looked good and I always give some extra credit for bumps in this sort of match, as sometimes the bumps don't "look" painful, but there's just no way to bump correctly when you're getting chucked into the side of a building. I liked the comedy in this too, with Drew getting a couple fans to hold Strong for a chop, and I loved all the fighting and drinking spots at the bar. Drew takes a big chug of vodka and spits it right into Strong's eyes before socking him. Later Strong attempts to ape the spot, and Drew cracks him right away causing Strong to choke on the booze. Good stuff.


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