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Thursday, January 28, 2010

IWRG 12/27/09

Unfortunately we only get one match from this show:

Gringo Loco/Maldito Jr./Samot v Exodia/Freelance/Eragon

TKG:This was basic lucha formula. First fall starts with Maldito v Exodia trying to one up each other to see who can throw the better arm drag. Then Gringo Loco and Eragon exchange armdrags into submissions or pin attempts and then Samot and Freelance work really entertaining Mike Knox v Rey sections. Second fall is each face winning exchanges opposite all three heels one after another until the heels start double and triple teaming. Third fall is the heels double and triple team to dominate until faces hit their highflying. First and third fall were a blast, and really dug Eragon’s weird inverted full nelson finisher in the first. Second fall had some good Freelance stuff but lots of flaws. This is my second time seeing the Maldito/Samot team and I get the sense for big bruising team they do not have their timing down on big guy collision stooging spots. They have a hard time doing the two big guys eat something at same time stuff and are out of place to string one big collision into the next.

PAS: Freelance was really, really great here. He was so much fun pin balling for Samot and Maldito Jr. The WWE is signing random luchadores, they really should sign Freelance and put him on ice to replace Rey when his knees finally blow up. Samot and Maldito Jr. are way more Awesome and King Kong then Mark Henry and Big Show, so I can only imagine how fun he would be against those guys. Solid trios match outside of that, with one excellent performance.



Anonymous jtron said...

Thanks for this blog; I never comment but I read about 90% of what's posted.

Putting up a handheld I don't think more than a couple people have copies of; if y'all are ever hard up for review fodder, here you go: (if you can't access it, lemme know)

Also, VIVA EL GRINGO LOCO! He was on the show the above handheld is from, and I have the tape somewhere... he's being managed by Joey Eastman in your weird combo of the day. And of course there's the indy lucha tapes from '04 that he's all over...

3:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

match link?

7:06 AM  

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