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Saturday, August 10, 2019

NXT TakeOver: Toronto 8/10/19...Everything Except...

ER: So I was unable to actually watch this as it was actually airing, but I always look forward to big NXT shows (no matter how much I've been dreading their main events the past year) so I figured I would watch as much as possible tonight before getting sleepy, then finish the rest tomorrow before Summerslam (and then do Summerslam)!

The Street Profits vs. Kyle O'Reilly/Bobby Fish

ER: I thought a lot of this was pretty boneless and emotionless, big parts feeling like O'Reilly especially were some kind of automated driverless wrestler, just mechanically running through spots in really unattached ways. But Montez Ford brought some actual personality and freak athleticism and salvaged a match that felt too long. Ford seems to glide sometimes and it's cool to see, watch him hit a neat kip up and standing moonsault, super graceful tope con giro, and an absolutely great top rope splash for the win. People had moments in this, liked some Dawkins cut off spots, liked O'Reilly kicking Dawkins in the inner thigh, but a lot of this felt a little phony and I couldn't match the crowd's appreciation.

Io Shirai vs. Candice LeRae

ER: This was up there with the most I've ever enjoyed Shirai in a singles match, but I really didn't like LeRae and thought she kept screwing up the pacing and doing terrible drama. LeRae leads off with a terrible double leg takedown and everything else seems about as out of place from there. She was really obnoxious about immediately getting into position to go back on offense, right after taking a KO move. She takes a nasty 619 to the back of the head, and she sells it by standing up immediately, bounding off the opposite ropes, and hitting a tope tornado DDT; later she eats a huge German suplex and sells it by getting immediately to her feet and waiting patiently in place for Shirai to bounce back off the ropes to run into LeRae's obvious offense. It made things pretty uninteresting to me, and creating drama by merely taking a big move and having it not affect you, is not drama in any way. Shirai hit some of the meanest stuff I seen from her, a crazy double underhook backbreaker, Spanish Fly that landed hard, wrenching LeRae around with a backbreaker, but none of it ever felt appropriately absorbed by LeRae. LeRae's emotion and fighting spirit and selling were all over the map, and even though the match had some fantastic moments and a more grown up Shirai performance (still overshooting that genius moonsault though), but Candice kept taking me out of things.

Velveteen Dream vs. Roderick Strong vs. Pete Dunne

ER: This gets a fun personalized Canadian entrance, with what appears to be the Raptors dance squad coming out and jamming to The Mountie's old theme song (a personal favorite) before throwing it to the Dream's entrance (who comes out in Canadian red and white). And I had a blast with this match. I t was a really great showcase for Dream and Strong, and Dunne was also in the match to mostly add stupid offense but also take exciting offense. They kept up a really insane pace for the duration of the match, without anyone getting crossed up or standing around waiting to hit their marks. This had some pretty impeccable layout, with nobody really having to get up and hit a spot right after taking a beating because that's what the layout dictated. Three ways are difficult to pull off, because you need to get it into singles action a lot of the match but also believably get the third man out of the ring during that time. Most 3 ways a guy just rolls to the floor after taking a fairly standard move and then disappears for 4 minutes. Here we had regular involvement from the 3 players with nobody feeling like they got in the way.

Strong really stood out like a big deal to me. Funny thing is, he almost always does. Strong has been consistently great for probably a decade now and it's still somehow surprising to me when I watch another great Strong performance. I don't think this thing works as a Dream/Dunne singles or as a 3 way with somebody other than Strong. He kept peppering this match with big backbreakers and suplexes, big kneelifts, and appropriate bumps and selling for his opponents. Dream really seemed to benefit from being in their with Strong, as Strong took every axehandle like a gunshot, went down hard for every long arm lariat, and seemed to be orchestrating every car crash spot involving all of them. Dream has really great body movement. He's not a very large guy, but he throws his most simple attacks with such unique movement and flexibility that he comes off like Mr. Fantastic. There was a stretch where he whipped off a couple great punches, threw a couple weird straight arm lariats, hits a Rockette kick, the way he rubber man bounces out of the DVD, and he gets such great stretch from his limbs that it makes him look like he could catch you with a strike no matter where either of you are standing in the ring. Some of the spot set up is brilliant, like Dream slithering away from Dunne only to get his legs grabbed by Strong, who crotches him around the ringpost; or Strong running around dropping both with back suplexes on the apron and barricade; or Dream hitting that big elbow all the way across the ring during a tree of woe spot. The big moves hit big, and they even did some stuff that comes off silly during 3 ways but I think was elevated here by Strong. Really the only thing I thought looked bad was whenever Pete Dunne would try to do any strikes. I don't know why he thinks his slap fight girly hands look good, but he looked like he was defending himself from a backseat big brother attack than stand up to Dream and Strong. Those little flimsy slaps need to be dropped immediately, and his bad punches when trying to fend of Strong should literally be in the running for worst strikes thrown in a major company. My god. The finish stretch was hot as hell, loved Dream hitting the DVD only for Strong to throw him over the top rope and hit a big backbreaker on Dunne, only for Dream to rebound right back in with the big elbow. This was the match I needed after the first two.

Mia Yim vs. Shayna Baszler

ER: This never really clicked with me. They chose a couple of interesting directions to take, with both gals going after arms, but none of the arm stuff ever actually went anywhere interesting. I liked some of the exchanges, and some of the actual moves, but the selling seemed like it was part of a different match than they actually wound up with. It was kind of odd. Yim set up a spot where she kicked Baszler's arm in the ring steps, and Baszler sold her arm the rest of the match...but Yim weirdly skirted the arm several times. There was a spot where she set up the Code Blue off the tope rope, and specifically trapped Baszler's arm in her knee crook, and I'm thinking "Oh man that's an awesome arm break spot that I've never seen! Flipping over and using her own weight and momentum to kick the arm work up another level!" And then she just did the sunset flip bomb and went for a pin and I was left wondering why they even bothered paying attention to her clearly setting up a focus on the arm during the move. Shayna kinda did the same thing in a way, establishing an attack on Yim's arm (leading to the great spot of her stomping the posted out elbow), but it's not uncommon for Shayna to establishing arm work to then making it easier for her to sink in a choke. So I was expecting that, but then also thought it didn't make as much sense within this match. Not only was she then doing rear naked chokes using the arm that Yim had been working over, but I would have liked to see her punish Yim for having the balls to even come after her arm. And was anybody else expecting the Horse Girls? They made such a big deal about Yim taking out and injuring the Horse Girls, that surely that meant they were going to come out and do something, so I was amused when that never happened. But I was still left so confused about why they never really cashed in anything they actually set up before or during the match. I have no major complaints about the ring work, it all looked fine, though perhaps the obvious silence of the crowd during much of the match was a sign they weren't sure what was happening either. At one point Yim yelled at the crowd to get into it, and the quiet that came after couldn't have felt good. Even right after that when she hit a nice dive, it merely got scattered polite applause. It feels like this is a frequent NXT TakeOver criticism I use, but...It felt like these two have a good match between them, and this had the potential parts of that hypothetical good match, but this wasn't it.

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Blogger Yerfuneral said...

I hadn't been keeping up with NXT since I guess my tv is a pre 2017 model the ap seems to not work on my tv anymore.
All the other devices I have need various updates that would slow stream and so had to watch on my laptop.
Also don't get me started about even trying to renew right now. I get they are revamping the Network but telling me need to cancel to redeem my store card and not telling me when my account actually ends. I bought a card not sure if was good for Summerslam but not going to straight up cancel when have no clue when I am actually covered through.
Guess this is one way they try and get me to put a credit card on file. Not happening.


They need to get Beth Phoenix on a show that is really weekly or have someone sit her down in WWE Headquarters watching matches. The commentary was awful and most it sounded like she wasn't able to repeat fast enough whatever someone was telling over her ear piece and was mincing words. Though the whole commentary team were cutting each other off way way to much. Plus at points think the wrestlers improvised to much. Announcers were in on upcoming moments and started forecasting what was to come to early in some cases.

1) NXT Tag Team Championship

I guess I bought into the crowd hype, Street Profits winning me over, and just low expectations cause when I saw this on preshow was not all that hyped.
I didn't understand why they put the belts on Street Profits because was underwhelmed and just bought them as a good promo but the tag ranks they really haven't managed to build up since call ups for the likes of Sanity, War Raiders, etc.
I didn't realize that like his wife that Ford can do these the little things that makes me want to actually see him more.
If the Network hadn't become as bad as Netflix at finding stuff may rewatch some older stuffto see if maybe just wrote the Profits off early.
Though have to say they lost me at the end. I get adrenaline but when you all take a beating and act like nothing happened post match it ruins spectacle. It was like Shane McMahon doing his dance coming out the RAW after a ppv where he looks like he paralyzed himself or just about any Rollins match.

2) Io Shirai vs Candice LeRae

One of the few storylines was pretty much caught up on since bulk of it happened on episodes of NXT I had seen.
Both of these competitors have not done much for me.
LeRae stuck in the Mrs JHohnny Wrestling thing, the almost kiddy design of some of her wrestling outfits, and the feathered hair.
Though her style wasn't so much WOW. Appearance can mean so much to me cause I still caught up in character.
Guess becoming a bad girl can do so much wonders. Worked for Ripley for me in Mae Young II and works here some what for Shirai but thought the heel turn at least what I saw played out didn't work for me. Follow up weeks may have filled in the picture better but NXT division does need more heels that are simply more than bullies. Shirai has that going for her but can she completely pull it off?
Again unlike Eric I think the hot crowd helped me enjoy this much like the tag match. Crowd helps me sometimes because I can be so uneducated at wrestling because I am more into character and spectacle. Thankfully don't think we had any this is awesome chants plus main shoe female wrestling has been so underwhelming of late this was a sight for sore eyes.

3) North American Championship Triple Threat

Not going to say much since reviewer really hasn't gotten there say.
It was probably my match of the night. The whole WWE roster needs to watch and learn from this. You never really got a spot where one of them was taking a break in my opinion though this match could have been just fine with a certain two wrestlers that I will name later the third guy wasn't a detriment but when said and done hopefully those two guys do get a one on one next Takeover.

3:32 PM  
Blogger Yerfuneral said...

3) North American Championship Triple Threat

To add to previous post thought very much the same it was all about Dream vs Strong. I had forgotten how good Strong can be as single wrestler remembering some stuff with Andrade though most probably remember the Gargano battles with Almas. Also his stuff with Cole before joining Undisputed Era.
Unlike Kingston vs Orton this made me want to see those two again and wanting to see a lengthy battle ahead as Undisputed Era tries to not eat there words about having all the gold by end of the year.
Match of the weekend.

4) NXT Women's Title

I didn't know any background going into this match. Had no clue what Yim had been doing.
The match never clicked for me and the absence of the other two girls was way to noticeable. It made Yim in the end feel like she never threatened in this match and in the end weak; because the other Horsewomen didn't come out.
I won't go into it all but didn't realize Yim really has become the blue ranger to AEW's Ivelisse red ranger (Power Rangers reference for those not familiar what I am saying) and that didn't help me watching the match.
This match came off like a step back for when cause was finally understanding and getting into Baszlers presentation though still waiting for Kai or any of the other women get some kind of revenge in on Baszler. Kai is just my preferred person.

5) NXT Title Match

a 2 out of 3 falls stipulation is so convoluted cause so rare for someone to just win the first two falls.
I get why people want to see these two fight forever but would have been happier if someone out right won the first two matches or if they just did the third stipulation.
Sorry being vague but not sure if Eric is going to take the time to add it at some point. For all I know decided to clip it for it's own match of year post.
The first match was fine but ended how I expected once a certain thing entered the match though they did throw in a slight swerve.
The second match was attempt to bring action to the whole building I suppose but you just had one guy pretty much running away from the other.
Third match was to choreographed and only really came across that way cause the set ups into big stuff was clunky in my opinion. I am fine for safeties sake but just interrupts the flow to much for my liking.
Crazy and entertaining but not as mind blowing as the proper ECW days.

Overall loved this and don't understand some pundents this was the worst NXT Takeover ever. I admit only seen maybe 1/4 of the 26 or whatever takeover cards but if this was bad I don't completely understand what some find good.

3:49 PM  

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