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Saturday, March 23, 2019

2019 Ongoing MOTY List: Hama vs. Sekimoto

7. Ryoto Hama vs. Daisuke Sekimoto BJW 1/2

ER: BJW is clearly now where the big boys play, and Hama is the biggest boy in all the land. It's kind of shocking Hama hasn't become a very specific fetish at this point (you know, I'm not even going to Google it, I'm just going to assume he has), as I really don't understand how he exists. Some evenings my knees hurt just because I played sports and dicked around on a skateboard. I weigh 165. Hama is THREE of me on approximately the same frame. But I will never tire of seeing him smash and smoosh into guys, and Sekimoto post squishing might be the best possible use of his bug eyed face. Sekimoto attempts big crushing forearm blows to the chest, but Hama crushes Sekimoto like he's gonna do, standing on him, running into him with size, hitting his great rolling senton, falling straight on top of him when Sekimoto attempts to slam him, all the things you want to happen. You expect these to happen, so the real joy in Hama matches is when something of his gets reversed, or he reverses something by fat. It's always a big moment when Sekimoto is able to budge Hama, when he crashes into him with a lariat that would cave in a smaller man, or when he muscles him over into a cool hiptoss. And both guys have these big fat baby faces, and it adds to things like Sekimoto locking in a half crab, and we see Hama's chubby face in anguish, a big chubby baby who is breaking down because his mom forgot to pack a baggie of Cheerios and he's getting restless. Sekimoto is a glutton for this punishment by fat, and I flipped when Sekimoto came firing off the ropes with a lariat only to be met with the greatest Thesz press that Thesz himself couldn't have ever imagined, and follows up with a big splash off the ropes. When Hama goes up top for the Banzai Drop and gets caught, Sekimoto throws clubbing forearms at Hama's ample backside, and then GETS UP AND UNDER all of that...hangdown...gets right up in there and powerbombs him. Sekimoto lies on the mat after this, a vacant Rust Cohle stare burned into his eyes. "I've...seen things." Sekimoto continues merely outlasting Hama, eventually getting him over for a big suplex and a crushing lariat. I love how BJW typically keeps their big matches to 15 minutes, as something like this is just 15 minutes of squishy joy.

PAS: Hama has gotten so big, he was a fat guy when he started and he is seemingly 200 pounds heavier than a couple of years back. He looks like a McGuire twin at this point. He was always great at using his bulk and there is so much more bulk now. His Thesz press looks like an airplane flying into a cloud, Sekimoto just disappears underneath a cumulus of chub. Those sentons look so brutal, it felt like a car being smushed by a monster truck. I loved the powerbomb to counter the banzai drop and don't understand how the ring didn't collapse. I am not really a Sekimoto fan, but he is perfectly acceptable in these kind of minimalist matches, he is just going to try to topple a blubber boulder and stay out of the way when it lands.


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