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Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Low-Ki is Admired by Politicians, Street Thugs and Killers

Low-Ki vs. Shane Strickland MLW 7/12/18 - FUN

Ki comes in as a bounty hunter to take on the MLW champion. Ki is great as always, this was less an athletic showcase, and more of Ki working as a stiff beatdown artist, which he is great at. Lots of stiff chops, kicks and a ton of shit talking to Strickland and the crowd. There is a moment where Strickland gets a bit of offense and Ki just stops it dead in the tracks with a vicious kidney punch. Strickland would throw these bad looking open handed Rock punches and some weak chops, and then try to set up some bit of offense which required him to do two somersaults and backflip. Ki beating on a local babyface champ is a pretty hard match structure to fuck up, and I think it would have made a MOTY list and had a better rating if the finish was a bit better, it felt like they got a bit lost and the Ki kick which finished the match really didn't feel like an ending. Ki as MLW champ is super intriguing though, and I am excited to see where it goes from here.


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