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Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Low-Ki was the Cause of Dope Fiends Getting AIDS Infections

Low-Ki/Homicide vs. Samoa Joe/Jay Lethal ROH 8/13/05 - EPIC

ER: Fantastic rematch to their killer tag a few months prior, which ended with a double stomp/cop killa combo that could have snapped Lethal's neck. And in this match they attempt to make Lethal wish he hadn't been cleared back for competition. This is one of the greatest Homicide performances, he's such a badass taunting Joe, repeatedly going after Joe and Lethal's eyes (Joe's because it's an equalizer, Lethal's just because he can). Ki and Homicide cut off the ring after a few early dives from Joe/Lethal, and it's brutal. Ki's chops appear to get harder the longer the match goes (Joe throws some super hard ones too), and both are great at running distraction for the other. The best moment of the match was Lethal locked in a sub, trying to reach for the ropes, and whenever he would get close Homicide would rap him across the back of the knuckles. And the best moment of the match was a couple of great pinfall saves by Joe, and Ki paying him back with a completely brutal top rope double stomp to Joe's back. But the best moment was when Ki and Homicide stopped caring if they got DQ'd, so we get Ki kicking the ref in the eye after Lethal kicks out of a pin, and Homicide saving the match by hitting an all time great elbowdrop on the ref when Ki was about to be pinned. He could have just as easily hit that elbow on Lethal, but I loved the character touch of him dropping it on the ref. My only real complaint is that Lethal got involved back in the match too quickly after Joe's hot tag, but otherwise the structure of the tag was a real winner; we didn't need a boatload of 2.9 counts, we got a couple of expertly timed saves and some great momentum cut-offs (Ki flying into Joe with that shot out of a cannon dropkick, or Homicide smoothly sliding in with a perfectly timed cutter). We get an awesome post-match brawl, after Ki and Homicide are disqualified, with Ki leaping off the bleachers with a stomp, everybody getting into a chair throwing battle on the floor that somehow did not inspire the crowd to all start throwing their chairs around the gym, Ki gets busted open, and the Rottweilers keep pretending to get chased to the back but then just come back and continue beating ass. Awesome match.

PAS: When you consider how good the first match was, and how good this is, this has to be one of the great two match series in wrestling history. This was off the charts stuff. Ki and Cide were just such evil fuckers, constantly cheap shotting, eye raking, shit talking, spitting in Joe's face,  total badass heel performances by both guys. The match started off at a crazy pace with Joe hitting a big tope on Cide and hurling him into guard rails and Ki and Lethal going at it in the ring. The Rotts brutalize Lethal in the ring and Joe has an awesome hot tag dumping Ki and Homicide with high backdrops, just a classic bit of wrestling business. Joe gets Homicide in an STF and Ki leaps three quaters of the way across the ring with a double stomp which obliterates Joe's back, I am shocked his Pancreas didn't fly out of his nose. I super dug the finish with Lethal hitting this monster Dragon Suplex on Ki, and the crowd is ready to explode at Lethal getting this huge victory, and instead Homicide just elbow drops the ref and gets DQed, just an epic fuck you to his opponents and the crowd. Then to add on to a great match, we get a killer post match brawl with Ki leaping off the bleachers, everybody recklessly hurling chairs and Ki getting bloodied up (probably hardway, he isn't a guy I remember blading very much if at all). Loved this unreservedly, and think it might be one of the best ROH matches in history.


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