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Thursday, March 15, 2018

2017 Ongoing MOTY List: Rottweilers vs. Nationalists

23. Low-Ki/Homicide vs. WALTER/Timothy Thatcher wXw 10/7

ER: I love a good style clash, and they don't get much clashier than two small Puerto Rican lunatics going against two large Euro clubbers. There is no chance Homicide has crossed paths with these two, Ki definitely has never fought Thatcher, and apparently Ki matched up with WALTER a decade ago, but this is about a fresh and weird a match up as you can get. In a fair exchange stand up battle, the Rottweilers don't have much of a chance. Thatcher tosses Homicide around with ease, and Ki matches up against WALTER...and awesomely suckers him into eating a kick on a test of strength. You knew this would roll to the floor early and I love how Thatcher and WALTER had no hesitation playing into the Rotts' game. WALTER especially looked like he would have fit great into JAPW, not hesitating to brawl through the crowd and jump over chairs to grab Homicide in a choke, Homicide's only hope is cheapshots and eyepokes (which I'm fine with). Ki and Homicide are two guys who can keep a match interesting outside of the ring, really felt like we needed a split screen, but I'm glad we caught Ki hitting a mammoth running dropkick on a seated Thatcher. Ki is awesome reversing WALTER power offense, loved him getting press slammed into the ring but landing on his feet to set up his shot out of a cannon dropkick, then he absolutely crushes WALTER's sternum with a crazy double stomp to the narrow rampway (and wrecks his knee in the process). You need something big to conceivably keep WALTER out of a match long enough to isolate Thatcher, and that was it. Ki is insane as even with a torched knee he still opts to lift Thatcher up on his shoulders so Homicide can hit the match finishing cutter. It's a shame the injury robbed us of Rottweilers/Briscoes, but still happy we got this.

PAS: This was a total blast, the kind of dream match you never even thought about until someone booked it. I loved how this went Bayonne, with the crazy crowd brawling, we just needed WALTER to press slam someone into a wall. Thatcher is known for his technical stuff, but he is a great brawler and isn't afraid to wade into a street fight, I loved him uppercutting Homicide mid tope con hilo. Homicide is really spry here, he feels like he has caught a late career second wind. Ki is so great, loved his insane reverse shining wizard and how great he is working David against WALTER. That double stomp on the apron was nuts, and the fact he lifted Thatcher on his shoulders with a blown out knee is totally bonkos. Heck of match to close out a pretty great Ki year.



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