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Sunday, September 10, 2017

Mae Young Classic Episode 7

1. Abbey Laith vs. Mercedes Martinez

PAS: This took a bit to get going, but by the end it got pretty good. Martinez is such a bruiser, my favorite spot in the match was her just stomping Laith square in the chest. During Laith's german suplex near fall cry face, I was just humming "Just like Pagliacci did, I try to keep my surface hid", her makeup is a total nightmare. I dug the finish with Laith trying to hard for her roll up and getting stuck with the fishermans buster.

ER: Early miscommunications in this were rough. Martinez is not good at those spots where she has to miss something so her opponent can capitalize. She always telegraphs the misses way too much. They awkwardly repeat a spot, and both seemed like they spent portions of this match lost, fans were even groaning during a cross-up and this was generally a pretty positive crowd. Things threatened to get good when Martinez stomped Laith in the chest, then took a nasty bump off the apron. Laith's crossbody off the floor looked like she could have posted her arm on the entrance grate.  I thought Laith's german suplex looked great, but thought most of this was a mess. I think Martinez has really underperformed this whole tournament.

2. Candice LaRae vs. Shayna Baszler

PAS: Sprint of the year candidate, and my favorite match of the tournament so far. Bayzler comes out and throws this jumping knee right into Candice's face and walks away with this great Kazunari Murakami style smirk. She misses a kick though, and Candice pushes her to the floor and hits a great looking tope into a spinning DDT, Bayzler is surprisingly great at catching dives, which isn't something you would think you would learn at Josh Barnett catch wrestling school. LaRae hits an octopus into her husbands crossface finisher. Baszler had a great almost tap near fall here, and it really felt like Candice might catch her, and there was also great second selling by Jessymyn Duke and Ronda Rousey, both really looked concerned and worried. LaRae tries for her top rop neckbreaker and gets ripped off the top right into the Bayzler choke. Shayna refuses to release it, and really comes off like an asshole. Awesome performances by both ladies and a hell of a short match.

ER: This really did feel like a great 3 minute Regal match on Nitro. Shayna's opening mocking kicks while holding LaRae's arm were great, really condescending. I thought Candice could have gotten Shayna to the floor a little better, her kick looked really light; but that dive into a tornado DDT was just insane; totally crazy, could have practically worked as a count out death move. That octopus hold was legit and the crossface moreso, with Shayna's facial panic really putting over the danger she was in. Her powering and slamming her way out of it perfectly got over her strength and her desperation. The finish was a killer as Baszler sets up for reversal without LaRae knowing, and drops to her doom right into the choke. Great stuff.

3. Piper Niven vs. Toni Storm

PAS: This didn't do a ton for me. Storm was really hamming it up with her facial expressions and it was approaching Davey Richards territory. I thought Niven's splashes were cool, but didn't really care for Storm's offense, feels like Lacey Evans might have brought the spuds for their fun match in the previous round. I really thought Storms leg drop looked crappy, this is a tourney with Kairi Sane's elbow, you are going to have to get more air under you to make me buy that finish.

ER: I liked this a lot more than Phil. There were a couple Storm facial sells that annoyed me, but I don't think they were enough to distract from a good match. The opening bridges and wristlock stuff was really cool. The double bridge segment was cool with an amusing handshake finish, Storm bridging up on her neck with Piper on her was legit impressive, and I love how it got paid off with Storm bridging again and Piper just splashing her guts. That was an awesome spot. All of Piper's splashes looked great, and I thought the missed cannonball was set up really organically, allowing Storm to get in her hip attack, which she nailed. And I don't get the criticism of Storm's legdrop, even if it didn't look great, because it was set up by a freaking german suplex from the middle turnbuckle! The suplex itself was easily enough to end the match, and her putting the stamp on it with a legdrop was just the equivalent of double tapping a zombie. Lesser matches would have had a suplex kickout for 2.9 drama, this actually lead directly to the finish. I do wish Piper would have advanced, however.

4. Kairi Sane vs. Dakota Kai

PAS: This had its moments, but I don't think it ever connected to a great match. Thought Kai could have used a little more offense, Sane seemed to have an easier time with her then either of her previous two opponents. I did like Kai missing the Warriors Way to set up her bad knee, it was a nice callback to the previous matches, and the elbow drop is always special. Still I thought this was missing a final gear.

ER: This felt like it would have made tons of cool GIFs, but didn't really build into a whole lot. I liked the same moments as Phil, thought Kai sold the knee nicely and the WW is a great way to set up an injury. Her running kick in the corner looked great and set up her missing the kick later on. Sane's sliding elbows always look killer and her Alabama slam looked like a bringer of concussions. Whether intentional or not I liked Kai getting legs up during the elbow drop to attempt a block. It very well could have been her just bracing for the impact though.

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Blogger Yerfuneral said...

1) The match went on to long and to much my turn now your turn.
The announcers put over the underdog and Cinderella thing I picked up on from Laith earlier matches but Martinez wasn't given an overpowering performance. Making them more on par with each was a change of pace but the it is your turn to lead the dance never flowed and was clunky.

2) While the last match was to long this was to short. I liked the switch in dynamic with Baszler coming out with a seeming attitude of oh your Johnny Wrestling's wife I am going to show you both professional wrestling and it pretty much backfiring on her as LaRae brought a more MMA submission thing. I loved it.
I was so wanting to see Baszler tap out. Baszler is already established and we could have really used a true Cinderella/underdog moment. Unfortunately the whole possible Horsewomen vs Horsewomen prevents such a booking. They could have done that and then just had Baszler destroy her post match in anger and given us a classic will LaRae be able to show up for the semifinal round.

3) I liked the taking of time to establishment Storm has some strength; but why have Niven use so much offense dependent on the added force of run acceleration? I get it Niven isn't your typical 'big' girl but the strength build up was pointless because she didn't bring a keep you close and kill you offense. Niven not constantly in Storm face opened her up to much for miscues and gave Storm to many chances to recover which made Storm's body language of a come back seem silly to me since I never felt like Storm was overpowered or endangered in the match.

4) Was so sad to see such limiting offense from both in this match. The over use of strikes and such make sense when they are taking on the large opponents but you have two similar size girls expecting some more traditional slams and such. If I remember right we didn't get a slam until Sane was setting up her elbow drop.

Being the quarterfinals I expected so much more. To me this was the most disappointing episode since episode 2.

12:15 PM  

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