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Sunday, December 25, 2016

Merry Christmas! Enjoy Shoot Punches and Barbed Wire and Terrible Pants!

Necro Butcher/Toby Klein vs. Deranged/Brain Damage (IWA-MS 12/16/05)

ER: Merry Christmas! Here's some guys bleeding out of their bodies in gross ways. It's tough to rank the violence in this Christmas time gem, just as it's tough to rank the terrible pants. But lets be honest and true with ourselves on Jesus and Rusev's birthday, Necro brought the most violence and Brain Damage brought the very worst pants, impossibly wide legged and impossibly parking lot rave dealer. He deserved thee violence wrought on him. Match has one goofy moment with all 4 men sitting in chairs facing each other and punching each other in the face; that reminded me too much of an old roommate who would get drunk with a buddy out on our balcony, and then take turns seeing who could punch the other's arm harder. The rest is Necro punching fools, Klein taking sick bumps on concrete, Brain Damage falling and leaning all his weight into barbed wire in sick ways, and Deranged doing all of the above. Early on Brain Damage tries to box toe to toe with Necro and that ends hilariously and quickly for Mr. Damage. Klein takes some wild bumps in the match to the concrete floor, taking a big hip toss, a nasty posting, and some other falls that shouldn't be happening in front of 30 paying customers. Deranged throws a bunch of really impressive knees and takes some great fat guy spills. Brain Damage gets beat on a LOT and as I mentioned has all these moments of falling into the wire and really showing the crowd how tightly the wire is tied. He'd be leaning full into the wire while Klein would be yanking him even more into the wire from the floor. You could really see the wire being forced into him; pretty sick, but got over the craftsmanship of the ring crew. You could tell these were professionals who knew how to properly rig up some wire. Towards the end he takes a freaking HOTSHOT face first into the wire and Eddie Kingston flips out on commentary about Brain Damage losing an eye. This is overall a really great brawl, with another legendary Necro performance and some great supporting performances, all in front of literally 30 people. I can assume there was a terrible blizzard and these men still went out there and spread Christmas cheer and probably HPV (again, I assume). Merry Christmas!

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