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Sunday, November 13, 2016

Black Terry Ordered the Jugs Filled With Water

Black Terry v. Wotan v. Canis Lupus v. Caifan Titanes Del Ring 10/30/16-GREAT

PAS: Wotan and Terry had a stone cold classic earlier in the year, this wasn't that, but it had it's moments. Wotan and Terry didn't square off as much as I hoped they would, but I liked the Wotan v. Lupus sections, both guys bleed a ton and really wailed on each other. Terry matched up with Caifan and it was pretty great including old man Terry taking a case of beer bottles to the side of the head. There wasn't a ton of structure, but a lot of wildness. Finish pulled it down a bit as they did a weak double elimination on Terry and Caifan and then a low blow ref distraction pin. Felt a little house showish, but I enjoyed a bunch of the performances.


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Anonymous Rah said...

Will you be covering the Black Terry vs EHD Diablo hair match from a few weeks back?

11:54 AM  

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