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Sunday, October 16, 2016

Brian Kendrick Moves So Fast on Me

Brian Kendrick vs. TJ Perkins WWE Raw 10/3/16 - REALLY GOOD

They sure managed to fit a lot into 6 minutes, and this is the return of the more assertive, wild Kendrick that we saw in the CWC. He rushes in a lot like he might not have a plan, but he clearly has an endgame. It's that kind of assertiveness that keeps TJ off balance, so even when Kendrick is taking spills to the floor, he's still acting unpredictably enough to make TJ give him side eye. Kendrick has the great iridescent houndstooth pants and takes a nasty bump to the floor on his hip (which he has taken before, meaning he is intending to bump that way, which looks super painful). And we get a bunch of great scrapping and choking, with him jamming TJ's fingers into the ring post tightener and stomping all over them while TJ hangs there from his hand. Brutal stuff. I like TJ's chickenwing facebuster as if his opponent kicks out it leaves them immediately open to the kneebar, and Kendrick is great selling his knee the rest of the match. He never is obvious about it, but runs with a limp a couple different times and once when scrambling for a pin he even kinda hops on his good knee. Neat stuff. The Captains Hook looks good and him clawing at TJ's nose and mouth to get back to it is vicious. Love the finish with him expertly position TJ in the middle, love the choke being kept strong,  love Kendrick somehow breaking out at age 37.


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