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Sunday, March 20, 2016

SLL's All-Request Sunday Morning - 3/20/16

Wahoo McDaniel vs. Dick Murdoch (WWC, 1991)
Requested by Timbo Slice

You know, the great thing about a matchup like Wahoo vs. Murdoch is that it really doesn't matter if this happened in 1971, 1981, or 1991, because it was probably going to work either way. Until they reached "my bones will shatter if I punch you" age, these two can work a match against each other, and seeing as they both died before reaching that age, no surprise that this was a fun little match. Wahoo gets the advantage early on with chops. Interesting that Murdoch complains about open-handed strikes before throwing closed fists. He certainly did things his own way. He did bumping his own way, too, though in this case, I'm not sure that's such a good thing. He slides out of the ring after getting struck down by Wahoo, seemingly under his own power, but when he hits the floor, he somersaults and rolls a good 15-20 feet away from the ring in a very "what the fuck"-ish manner. He gets some assistance from his second, who I feel like I should recognize, but can't. He kinda looks like a "before" picture of Ted Arcidi. I bet it's someone really obvious, and I'll feel like a dope for not recognizing him immediately. Anyway, he gives Murdoch an invisible foreign object, which Dick uses to turn the tide. The ref suspects foul play, but Murdoch assures him through pantomime that he threw a palm strike to a nine-foot tall man. Not that I dislike invisible foreign object routines, but I do kinda dig that it was just used here as a transition spot rather than building an entire segment of the match around it. Pretty rare to see it used that way, and I thought it was clever. The rest of this match is these two beating the fuck out of each other. In a Wahoo McDaniel/Dick Murdoch match? I know, who woulda thought?

Also, Dick Murdoch's ass at the end. Just warning you.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Joe Don Smith is Murdoch manager.Oddly no wikipedia page for Smith but on Rico Suave's page:"[Suave] enter WWC in 1992, where he worked with his brother Jose Estrada Jr. and later became the top manager in the company that year when Joe Don Smith left to play for the then-expansion team Colorado Rockies "


3:08 AM  
Blogger EricR said...

That Joe Don Smith story seemed too good to pass up, as there's just no way he played for the Rockies. On its face it's a good lie, as it's a mostly faceless team in their first year, so it's not as if he said he went to play for the '93 Phillies. But even though the Rockies were an expansion team, it's not like they just used walk on replacement players. They had many minor leaguers from other teams available to draft, as well as being able to sign free agents. I scanned through their spring training roster and nobody comes close to looking like "Joe Don". With his size he would have to be a pitcher, and every one of their pitchers used in spring had an actual high school/college/minor league record as a baseball player, not somebody who dabbled and decided to get back into it. It's a good bullshit story, but it's a bullshit story.

6:02 PM  

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