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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Pro Wrestling Revolution Workrate Report 2/14/15

The final match from the overly milked 6/8/14 Watsonville, CA show and perhaps the most intriguing as it's old lumpy Pirata Morgan working in a crappy small town with his nephew as his second. To my knowledge this is the first Demon match in PWR against another actual luchador. All the others have been against NorCal heels like various members of La Migra, or weird matches like the Jushin Liger singles match at a fairgrounds.

1. Pirata Morgan vs. Blue Demon Jr.

Well the match was not great, but it seemed like they had a plan and succeeded in that plan. It's just that one is old and broken, and the other is just not very good. But they worked a 16 minute match and had almost enough to fill the time. Morgan tried to open with some matwork but Demon is maybe the least interesting mat guy in lucha history as he's not good at conveying anything while in holds, and he can't transition or reverse holds at all. The other guy just has to stop doing a hold, then hold still while Demon locks own a hold of his own. Morgan is a fine rudo throughout this, holds the ropes in amusing ways, has Bucanero casually cheat by holding Demon's boot, blasts Demon with a few stiff rights. Morgan also hits a mean fat old guy crossbody at one point. Demon doesn't do much with his comebacks, because Demon has absolutely zero sense of comeback timing, just no clue how to build drama so the matches always just kind of end when he feels like it. Amusingly the match ends with Demon's second grabbing Morgan's boot while Morgan is shot into the ropes, Morgan turning to yell at him, Demon getting a roll up and hero referee Tom Castor fast counting Morgan. This promotion is always obliviously bad at giving Demon wins that make him look like a rudo. It's like they're booking him against their will so they try and book him to look crappy. Except that's not the case.

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