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Friday, March 29, 2013

2013 Lucha Roundup

Hair/Mask vs. Hair Mask!

Namajague/Shiego Okumura vs. Rey Cometa/Stuka Jr. 3/15

ER: So I had been pestering Phil about checking out some Namajague as he's consistently been my favorite "new" wrestler. I mean there have been other discoveries over the past couple years. Terry Rudge has been a recent obsession, but that stuff is also 30 years old. All of my other current favorite guys (Mark Henry, Arkangel, etc.) have been my favorites for quite some time. Namajague is a new guy in that sense, that I have an actual modern wrestler who I can add to my list of people to scour youtube for. So I've been building him up to Phil as completely insane and awesome, and I've been on a semi-roll recommending stuff to Phil lately (everybody needs to listen to the new Autre Ne Veut album. Concert of the year, hottest 1994 R&B jamz ever.) so we both dove into this one without having seen it prior.

And it delivered beyond the degree that I was expecting it to deliver. CMLL Arena Mexico main event style kinda blows. You know that. I know that. It's a dead horse. Any matches that work are usually in spite of the style. But whatever this works and it's really fun. Namajague looks awesome in it, bumping like mad all over the place and throwing stiff clotheslines. Cometa does a bunch of insane and spectacular stuff, spins around a bunch really quick, takes an amazing flip bump off a clothesline, etc. Okumura splats him into the floor with a giant cross body, and Namajague gets buried into the wall by a bullet tope. There's plenty of stuff that makes this work so it's kinda pointless for me to gripe about what I would have wanted instead. I got dumb bumps, crazy spots, and Okumura looking even more like SUWA with his head shaved.

PS: Solid entertaining match in a style I am ambivalent towards. Cometa has some really crazy dives, I remember losing my shit the first time I saw Hector Garza do a tornillo and Cometa spins around like an Ice Capader. Stuka wasn't much here, but the rudo team was pretty great, I am in on Namajague although I am bummed he lost his awesome mask, there was a weird spot where he eats a shining wizard by doing the splits which felt like something Eric Corvis and the card trick guy should steal for Beyond wrestling. Okumura broke out an awesome brainbuster and awkward awesome plancha, he was working like a guy losing his hair Wanted another kick out or two, and there was some slow spots in the Segunda but this was good stuff

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