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Friday, October 09, 2009

#4: Black Terry

by Phil

Much like Negro Navarro, Terry is one of your old school UWA luchadores who disappeared for a decade and came back more awesome then ever. You know there was some no-tape Mexican town where all of those guys were fucking owning it for years. Thank goodness for the twin gifts of youtube and IWRG as Terry re-emerged with a vengeance in the last couple of years. He combines the ability to work the mat like a king, brawl like a motherfucker with really great classic rudo bumping and catching. He is one of those wrestlers who has the ability to transform from buffoon to killer, which in some ways makes him even more versatile and valuable then Navarro. He can be pretty hateable, you want to see him get his ass kicked, as well as be blown away by his maestroness.

Recommended 2008 Matches:

~w/ Cyborg/Veneno vs. Fantasma de la Ópera/Freelance/Multifacético (IWRG, 2/14/08)
~vs. Multifacetico (IWRG, 2/28/08)
~w/ Capitan Muerte/Shu el Guerrero vs. Solar I/Super Astro/Ultraman (IWRG, 8/30/08)
~w/ Negro Navarro/Hijo de Pierroth vs. Pendulo/Freelance/Fenix (IWRG, 10/3/08)
~vs. Negro Navarro (NWA, 11/1/08)

Recommended Career Matches:

~vs. El Hijo del Santo (UWF Hamada, 3/10/91)
~w/ Negro Navarro vs. Solar 1/Mano Negra (VIP, 3/10/07)
~vs. Cerebro Negro (IWRG, 11/22/07)
~vs. Fantasma de la Opera (IWRG, 12/2/07)

2009 Outlook:

Pretty damn great, the Cerebros Negros vs. Dinastia Muerte feud was my favorite thing in wrestling this year, and he has had a bunch of other opportunities to rule it as well. He seems like a lock for a second top 5 appearance and I am sure we will uncover another couple of gems before the end of the year.



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