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Friday, May 08, 2009

IWRG 4/23/09

PAS: Back to full shows this week, which is kick ass.

Multifacético/Freelance/Bobby Lee Jr. v. Arlequín Amarillo/Bushi/Kushida

PAS; Kind of underwhelming match. The opening Bushi v. Multifacetico exchanges were pretty good, and this is one of the few times Multifacetio has ever looked above average. Freelance also hits a big dive, and I enjoyed him working little man v. big man spots with Arlequin. Still the focus of the match seemed to be on Arlequin brawling with Bobby Lee Jr., which was pretty awful.

TKG: I didn’t have as much problems with the Bobby Lee v Arlequin sections. This is the best that I can remember either Multifacetico or Arlequin looking. Arelquin still can’t really sell well but he hit a nice punch and did some stuff well. He looked less like Shane Mmcmahon and more like Kane here. He’s been doing heavyweight rudo contra rudo stuff for a long time and clearly can’t do that. But he may be fine in an actual face/heel six man. I liked Multifaceticos stuff with both him and Buschi. The real giant hole in this match was Kushida. Kushida really was wrestling the most BS fake stuff I’ve seen in ages. Looked like a pre-schooler who was too un-athletic to play with the other boys and thus was stuck playing house, where he acted role of husband who went to work as wrestler. Buschi was unathletic kindergartner miming going to work as a wrestler. This is me hitting stuff, this is me selling. At no point did it look like he was actually interacting with the other people in the ring, he was just miming his stuff. Freelance was stuck with him for way too much of this match.

Negro Navarro/Trauma 1+2 v. Black Terry/Cerebro Negro/ Dr. Cerebro

PAS: We get yet another really fun match up between these two teams. This started with a matwork fall, but really kicked into gear when they got to the brawling. Dr. Cerebro was running around throwing bombs, he has a great looking right hand and was drilling people with it, this is the best he has looked in any of their matchups. I also loved the spot where Trauma 1 superkicks Black Terry and they do the KO spot. It was a fine superkick, but man was Terry's selling off the chain. I wasn't sure whether he was legitimately stunned. What made this match though, was the fact we finally got to see Navarro and Terry really square off, and it was as glorious as you would expect. Navarro is so fierce when he gets fired up, when he sinks in the choke it like Fedor on your back.

TKG: On the 4/16 show I compared Navarro to Hashimoto, but you watch this match and that feels like an understatement. I can’t think of a more menacing bad ass babyface performance to compare to Navarro here. Not face Brody or Missing Link, there is nothing “crazy” or gimmicky about Navarro’s performance. Navarro is a beast and we finally get to see him fully unload and destroy motherfuckers. . Terry is pretty great here coming off even more like desperate Tully outmatched. He comes across even more outmatched, even more desperate and as a result more dangerous. Cerebro Negro and Trauma 1 also have a lot more to offer in a standing match than a technical one. I think there was some timing problem during the dives as anyone who has seen the Megas v Dr Cerebro series knows that no one eats a tope better than Dr Cerebro, instead the dives were just there. I’m a little less sold on the Naucalpan revancha than some other folks. We don’t get the full Xochimilco revancha match but I preferred that one. Structurally I think all the non Navarro/Terry brawling in Xochimilco came off tighter, and I preferred the whole fake foul set up. Still getting to see Navarro unleash at full force was awesome but this didn’t leave me with the high that I had after the first Naucalpan match.

Alebrije/Fuerza Guerrera/Olímpico v. Veneno/Hijo de Cien Caras/Máscara Año 2000 Jr.

PAS: This match opens with Pirata Morgan looking like the mother from Throw Mamma Under the Train coming out and getting into a brawl with Alebrije, which I assume is a AAA feud continued. This was not much of a match, despite having more talent, this wasn't as spirited as the Arlequins v. Pierroths match a couple of weeks back. I did love the multiple Fuerza low blows as a face move, which reminded me of Ole's hammerlock bodyslam in the Starcade 1984 tag, long time evil rudo traditional move used for good. Still this was really long and not much was worth a shit.

TKG:Pirata comes out prematch and offers his hand to shake to all the heels and faces. Ex rudo Fuerza accepts the handshake, but the other faces reject with Alebrije going as far as attacking Pirata. Fuerza and Veneno were never on the same page and their stuff together looked ass. Fuerza’s stuff with the Jr Dinamitas was fine, but unfortunately a lot of the match was spent with Fuerza matching up with Veneno. Alebrije and Olimpico are both released guys working the indies. I haven’t seen Olimpico as a technico in ages, but he really was working less like a guy on the indies with something to prove than like a EMLL main eventer mailing it in for an indy. Alebrije on the other hand was working like a guy with something to prove. He was really working hard; unfortunately I don’t know how much he has to offer. He's got some fun shtick, a nice DDT, stiff strikes and a Bret Hart style sternum first bump into the corner. I mean that might be enough but I think he is to blame for the shitty AAA style meaningless chair brawling which the refs are forced to ignore. Good shtick, a DDT, stiffness and a nice bump is probably enough if you know how to put that together, but if it’s put together in this really AAA ish way, I can live without it.

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