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Wednesday, July 03, 2024

2024 Ongoing MOTY List: Latin American Five Way


2. Belcegor vs. Australian Suicide vs. Dinamico vs. Taurus vs. Octagon Jr. AAA 5/11/24

ER: This is an elimination match for AAA's Latin American Title, which is a title belt that I know nothing about, and mostly, these are wrestlers I know little about. This might be me writing about the 18th best match that these guys have had over the past 2 years, but I won't know that because this match is knowing them enough. Belcegor has a red pentagram goat mask with big horns and is shaped like a 5'7" Sultan; like Gronda, but if he didn't lift, and if he had a fat ass instead of ass implants. Australian Suicide is an Immortan Joe War Boy who was too ugly to get cast in Furiosa. He's got a great Australian bunched up face and looks and works like an Evil Darby Allin. He takes back bumps to concrete, tornillos like Jack Evans, and climbs nice and fast to the 2nd floor of the Olympic Gym to shooting star press off it while taking a selfie with some guy. His dive was filmed expertly from above, perfectly capturing the distance of his dark world beady-eyed suicidal tendencies. 

Belcegor can base, hits a wild twisting superplex that lands like a bookcase falling off a pickup, and gets eliminated by a folding head drop driver straight out of 2000s CZW. Taurus has an incredible look and hits a tope spear that aims to cut Dinamico in half at the waist. Dinamico is a guy I have seen either this one time or a dozen times. There are a lot of guys who look like Dinamico. He, like many of the best Dinamicos, gets great height on everything, has great commitment to bumps, and stands up to punishment in surprising ways. Dinamico gets Taka Michinoku distance on his plancha. He took Taurus's tope as full on as possible and that really impressed me. He took it right to the damn stomach and Taurus was moving heavy. He goes down with a real fight, and could have died on Octagon Jr.'s appropriately match-finishing fallaway slam off the top. It was like a more dangerous Spanish Fly and a cool death defying way to end a sprint. 


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