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Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Complete and Accurate Fugo Fugo Yumeji


One of the great indy sleaze puro icons of all time. A guy who had some Zero-One undercard matches and then went on to have horrifically violent matches in tiny storefronts surrounded by chains. Some true horror shows which deserve more attention, and it also gives us an excuse to watch Zero-One undercards. Sebastian, Eric and Matt will be jumping on these as well. As always matches are EPIC, GREAT, FUN, SKIPPABLE


Tadahiro Fujisaki vs. Shigeo Kato WYF 1998? - EPIC


Fugo Fugo Yumeji/Yoshihiro Takayama vs. Joeta/Kendi Takeshima WUW 1/1/15 - EPIC


Fugofugo Yumeji/Buki vs. Yuki Ishikawa/Joeta WUW 7/14/18 - EPIC



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