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Saturday, January 22, 2022

On Brand Segunda Caida: Jimmy Jacobs I Quit Matches

I just recorded a Way of the Blade Pod with Jimmy Jacobs talking about his great I Quit Match with BJ Whitmer. I dug up a couple of his lesser seen I Quit matches on Highspots and figured I would review them.

Jimmy Jacobs vs. Ryan Boz AAW 3/28/09

PAS: Boz was a midwest guy with some indy size and some solid violent looking offense. I really enjoyed the pre blood part of this match with Jacobs hurling himself at Boz, including a great looking Macho Man double ax handle and a running dive off of a stage. Boz is able to take control and carve Jimmy up with a fork, cheese grater (including chewing a bit of Jimmy's left over skin, which, ewwwwww) and staple gun, while taping Jimmy's hands together. Jimmy was able to break free with a nut shot, hit two big elbows to the floor with Boz on a table, and eventually tape him to the turnbuckle and jam a spike into his balls. Not as violent as stabbing someone in the dick, but still a correct way to finish the match. 

Jimmy Jacobs vs. Arik Cannon AAW 11/26/11

PAS: This had some really gross bleeding by both guys, which is what you want in this kind of match. Cannon breaks a bottle and cuts Jimmy up, and Jimmy does what he does. Cannon had some really great punches on the cut too. Cannon gets cut up by the Spike and there is some sick dripping. I also really liked the duct tape spot, which is a Jacobs I Quit speciality. Jimmy gets carved, but is able to nut shot Cannon, get the spike and use it to cut himself out. Still, I Quit matches live and die on the finish, and I didn't care for the finish here. Jacobs hits a Panama Sunrise, which is a dumb move and not for this match, and his guillotine choke really works more as a submissions match finish, then an I Quit match finish. Stuff to like, but I think overall a miss.

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