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Saturday, January 08, 2022

2021 Ongoing MOTY List: Skayde/Maya vs. Navarro/Komander

57. Skayde/Cometa Maya vs. Negro Navarro/Komander BIG Lucha 12/19

PAS: This was a maestro teaming with a wild youngster and does a cool job of mixing both of those styles. Maya looked very comfortable exchanging on the mat with Navarro, and Komander looked comfortable doing the fast Skayde style rope exchanges. The Komander vs. Maya stuff was super fast flips and rolls, and we get a crazy dive from Maya to the floor. Short match but it hit the points you want from a match like this. The old guys were very giving and this kind of development can only help the kids. 

ER: I could have seen this match being fun in a completely different way if it was vets vs. youth, but I like seeing maestros teaming with fliers and weaving their crafts together. The beginning was great fun, as Navarro stands basically still while letting Maya work some standing arm and wrist control exchanges. Navarro's eyes the whole time look like he's letting Maya have a bit of fun while also giving him a bit of rope, and sure enough, with a gleam in his eye Navarro traps Maya's wrist the second he feels like it, and then ties him up in knots while Maya is powerless to counter. Navarro takes Maya through some cool sequences and they worked in some very cool roll-ups. Komander has some balance issues (two different moments of people waiting for him to get his footing on the ropes before doing a spot) but once he irons that out he will be gold, as he already has some cool tricks. He walks the entire length of the ring on the top rope to catching Skayde with a rope flip slingshot armdrag, and this was a large ring. He should work his shaky balance into his gimmick, like a Drunken Master luchador. Maya and Komander pull off maybe the most gorgeous dive of the year, a perfectly executed sequence where Maya hits the Fenix/Metalik flip dive, springing off the middle rope into one of the smoothest arcing flips I've seen, and Komander flat out could NOT have caught the dive better. It was one of the most squared up catches I've seen, giving both men the softest possible landing on an incredible spot. The match overall didn't always rise above an exhibition feel, but maestro matwork with some slick flying is a combination I'll always view with some rose lenses. 


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