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Wednesday, June 09, 2021

He Called My Name and My Heart Stood Still, When He Said Black Terry Do My Will

Black Terry/Satanico vs. Silver Star/Garringo LLUE/ERLL 9/6/20 - GREAT

ER: Nothing like a match with mostly 70 year old men, in a building where 95% of the people aren't wearing any kind of mask (It's a lucha show! How are there not more people wearing even lucha masks!?). Satanico and Terry might be the oldest tag team I've ever seen, and it's pretty amazing what they are still capable of doing. Satanico has looked basically the exact same for 25 years now, and he still comes off super spry on the mat. I wasn't expecting him to take so many bumps, but he and Terry both bumped big for armdrags and hiptosses. Satanico took armdrag bumps as fast as he did when he was 50, only slow down came getting back to his feet, but luckily when you work with other senior citizens you can count on your opponent being slower to his feet too. 

Black Terry has certainly slowed down, doesn't look like he can run very well, and yet he still bumps hard and hits harder. His overhand chops and short elbows still sing, and at one point he lit up Silver Star in the corner with a mix of chops, body shots, and elbows. Satanico did a lot of super cool little things, like chop blocking Silver Star while Star was holding Terry in a stretch, and a cool as hell moment with Garringo: Satanico went to throw Garringo by the arm, Garringo held the ropes to break Satanico's hold, then Garringo hit a nice rolling armdrag. The crowd would have likely been fine with them just going through some rote spots, they guys didn't need to add interesting wrinkles to move set up, but that's what makes someone like Satanico a legend. Everyone got their limbs stretched here, beyond where their limbs should naturally be able to stretch at this age, and Terry taking a huge bump off a middle rope armdrag looked painful as hell. I also liked Garringo's sunset flips, he got more height on the jumps than I expected and made them look surprisingly fluid. This whole thing was a much more full, energetic match than I was expecting, and I love how these old dudes can still surprise.

PAS: I have no idea who Garringo is but he looked like a peer of Satanico and Terry and I am sure has been having cool matches for 40 years. Terry looked a little washed her when it came to running the ropes, pretty crazy he had an MOTY a year later, but his mat stuff looked good. Satanico was a badass as usual, that guy is truly ageless, I loved the bump he took into the ropes whiplashing his neck against the top rope to set up a pin. All of the brawling looked good, and for the most part this looked like lucha by guys in their 40s or 50s not 60s and 70s. 

Black Terry/Negro Navarro vs. Mr. Jack/El Gallego Lucha Strong 9/12/20 - FUN

PAS: Both Terry and Navarro are in their 60s (Terry is 68!) and I think we are getting to the point where they can't bring it full force every night. The early sections between Navarro and Gallego had a nice maestro exchange, but the brawling was a bit dull. Mr. Jack is the guy in here who was out of place, and he didn't bring much to the table. I am going to watch Navarro and Terry until they are done, and I imagine there are still some gems to come, but this wasn't it. 


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